nothing major but a proper looking pentacle in MC

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  1. good for a reference to make stars and such enjoy empire may we ever expand :D

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  2. Nice man!
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  3. mhmm i am about to start remodeling my res and actually gonna measure it out and build it a little differently
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  4. That looks great Dirge!!

    You said it was 13x13, right?
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  5. mhmm well 15x15 with circle but the pentagram alone is yes 13x13

    ps it hasnt been taken down yet as i need to move my res walls out to the edge of my plot :) so the ingame aid is still around just not on fire
    also been thinking of making it out of gold :D and not flaming thoughts on that? obsidian around gold or glowstone just to clarify.
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  6. It looks great
  7. Achievement get!

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  8. Lol
  9. What he said ^
  10. Brings me back in age lol

    This thread is still older than me ...