Note Block Song Contest

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  1. If this the wrong forum let me know... but inspired by the Iron Man song that christina80 built on her res on smp9, I'm holding a contest.

    I'm currently selling Note Blocks on 18648 for 5r a piece and I also have Redstone gear for sale. You can get it from my shop or anywhere you'd like.

    Best Song Wins!!

    I will pick the top 3 at the end of the week and they get a special prize. Trust me, the prize will far outweigh the cost of a few Note Blocks.

    happy songmaking!
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  2. I'll try and do it if I can figure out how to do it. xD I never learned how to create songs from note blocks. I'll try though. :)
  3. ik how to do it with software
  4. Ugh! You need software to do it? My computer doesn't need more software on it. =/
  5. no its just a easier way but its singeplayer
  6. Hmm. I think I could do this on my res... I'll give it a shot.
  7. no you don't need software to do it, he's talking about a mod i think. you can do it with no mod, christina80 did it on her res with Iron Man by Black Sabbath

    she would know more about it to help, but given that this is a contest you gotta stay original!
  8. I'll do it!!! good idea I love Note Blocks!
    Btw, do you sell redstone too?
  9. Yeah, I have Redstone and Redstone Torches and all that for sale too :)
  10. Yay, I'll buy some and start building my song tomorrow! :)
  11. im gonna play the song "dynamite" by: taio cruz on note blocks
    ill post when im finnished stting them up
  12. im a allowed to donate 6k?
  13. I shall make dubstep. Like a bawse.
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  14. post here once you've finished your song
  15. im finished come to my 2nd res on smp3 (6946)
  16. My song's too long. I'll record it and post it on here.
  17. chrisisaboss91, i saw the four note blocks you had but it didnt make a song. am i missing something?

    keep posting your songs so i can pick a winner!
  18. I want to hear someone do THE Nyan cat song..
  19. was hoping we'd get more entries for this, far we only got one and it's not really a song but just four note blocks sitting next to each other

    i was gonna give out a huge prize too :/