Not getting my rupees

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  1. It was my understanding that becoming a diamond supporter I got log in bonuses. I have gotten 1 since I signed up. Not sure what to do any help or advice would be awesome!
    Thanks guys!!
  2. You'll get one login bonus per day. So if you've only had diamond for one day, you would have only gotten one bonus.
  3. You get your rupees the first time you log on after midnight EMC time every day. :)
  4. I can confirm you have received your daily sign-in bonus every day since you became supporter.
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  5. Where did you look? The best place to check this out is this link. The transaction description is "Daily sign-in bonus" and you should see it appear either shortly after you log on to the game or if you don't log on you'll see it daily around 0:00 EMC time, just translate that to your local time. So, I haven't been on last two days and for me the last two transactions show up at 6AM (= my local time).

    Hope this helps.

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  6. Thank you so much I guess I wasnt seeing it I feel silly now!! Again thank you!!
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