Not fair, Blizz Ard have a Blizz Ard party :)

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  1. Yes the Blizz Ards are having a party, on smp9 waste c. now 4 togheter.
    Problem is the keep the party inside a lava pool and inside the protected area.

    So you can reach them, but not kill them. and getting them out seems impossible :mad:
    Ok, i woudl stay there to if you know you get killed. :D
  2. there's one like this in the protected area on smp8 Wild (south). impossible to get them out :(
  3. heh you sure that its impossible to get them out?
  4. Don't bet on that. There was one stuck in smp2 but we managed to get it unstuck between me and Kima.
  5. 3 of the 4 are now dead
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  6. the one on smp8 is def impossible to get out. it's in water so it's not moving and it's surrounded by ice. in protected area so i can't dig it out or box it in either.
  7. You can't leash them in the spawn zones. I've tried with Super Turkeys and it didn't work.
  8. I'm surprised you were able to "try it" at all on them. Those suckers move QUICK!
  9. Not when stuck under an obsidian block under a lava lake in the nether
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  10. You need build perms to leash animals in areas =P
  11. 2 Blizz Ards under smp2's center spawn, having a mini-party in lava pool :3 was swimming with them earlier!
    impossible to get them out tho :c
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  12. how earlier? like 12 hours ago?