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  1. As of 9 minutes ago, according to my Computer clock, I am 306 days old on EMC. I'm not exactly sure anyone remembers my "Introduce Yourself" thread, so this is a redo. Credit to a Mr. E for partial idea plagiarism. I'm probably going to talk about EMC now.

    If my memory serves me, I joined EMC on November 12th, 2011, upon request from a player I honestly didn't know, out of sheer boredom. I'd been on two servers before, one of them ceased to exist, and the other was all fremium-y. I didn't have high expectations for EMC.

    I joined the server, greeted by the tutorial which, going in hand with my pessimistic view of the server, annoyed me significantly. After completing it by selecting the answers I wanted, I entered town and immediately started running to get away from what I suspected was a stereotypical town world on a stereotypical Minecraft server. After being sent back for running too far, I noticed the portal to enter the Wasteland World.

    I started running in some random direction until I reached a suitable distance away, which, to my novice mind, was about 2,000 blocks. I started creating an underground house, because above ground is too difficult, and had created a smallish clearing of 21x5x21, around y 21. Being the idiot that I am/was, I didn't read the guide... at all. I tried to /sethome, before getting confused and figuring out that I needed sheep. So I got sheep, some mushrooms, and other stuff so survival wouldn't be too bad.

    After enough time, I got bored of the wilderness. After hearing the chatter of players for about two hours, I wanted to see what this "town" world was all about. I made my way back to town, and searched for a residence to live in. Specifically, I was searching for a neighbor. The neighbor in question was xxBoWnZxx666, the first player I really interacted with. I then realized that this server wasn't going to be terrible, and went to get my stuff from the wilderness. I started work on my SMP2 residence, and it still stands there today.

    After a few random adventures, mainly me walking around with Jim, 1.0.0 was released and about two days after that, GameKribJEREMY approached me and offered me the position of Chat Moderator, sort of as a test subject. As far as history is concerned, the test failed... but that's beside the point. I kicked a few people, temp banned some others, and it was all neat.

    Along with xxBoWnZxx666, I ventured out into the wilderness to make a community, something that didn't happen all that often. We got griefed a lot. Then SMP3 came out, and I spent the majority of my time there. I set my sights on residence 6666, because why not, and I waited until I became a full moderator so I could claim it. It was also around this time that I made thousands of chickens on Green_Mystery's residence...

    Some time passed, and IcecreamCow, who also frequented SMP3, told me that I would probably be a full moderator soon. When I asked him how he knew, he revealed that IcecreamCow = Jeremy, and my reality was shattered forever. Not a day later, I was green and ready to go.

    Not a lot of interesting happened during my time as a Moderator, though I slowly got ever more bored of EMC before stopping altogether. Some time in April, a few months after the fact, I came back to being sortofactiveonaninconsistentbasis and I have held that position ever sense. Also, as far as popularity polls were concerned, I was the most popular. :P There's a reason those don't happen anymore.

    I can honestly say that my personality has changed significantly since joining EMC. I'm probably a little more predictable now, and sometimes what I do actually makes sense. It's been a pretty good time for me, and I'm grateful for the experience.

    Also, so I fit in more, you can ask me questions.
  2. Cool story, whar made ICC approach you and offer the position?
  3. I was/am awesome.
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  4. Lol
  5. Glad to see you still enjoy the wonderful world that is EMC. I can't think of any "questions" for you; but I just want you to know that I appreciate the work that the moderators do, I know how much work it is.

    I presume Crazy1800 is a sibling of yours? I have thought about sometime getting one of my brothers on EMC (or minecraft at all) but that is for another time.

    Thanks again, I just am very overwhelmed with emotions right now... With this and GM
  6. He is my brother, I got him the account... he played for a week then stopped. He's playing again, though, so that's cool.

    Quote failure.
  7. I love your res on smp3 :D
    You should visit my best one 6202
  8. Lol, not the first person to do that... I have a one Really good IRL friend that has been on EMC for a while and than another just a couple days ago. I love the community of EMC, but it is great to play with people I know also
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  9. Would you recommend diamond or gold membership?
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  10. Go big or go home :p
  11. I would:
    A. It's a good cause
    B. 4 reses!
  12. You know we could still have chat mods, might help out a little.
    What happened after the chickens arrived on Green's res?
    Is this your reason for being third strongest of the mods?
  13. Says the iron supporter
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  14. Chat mods fell through for specific reasons, not my deal though.
    He killed them and sold cooked chicken 64 for 1r.
    It's a quote.
    Diamond, because then you can buy two subs.
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  15. Hey back off ;)

    Going Diamond hasn't really been an option for me; but if it was I wouldn't hesitate
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  16. Just teasing you. ;)
  17. Aww,I wanted to post something like that :.(
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  18. Well, congratulations on your mod achievements and thanks for being a great staff member! :)
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