Not exactly new xD

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  1. Hey everyone :)
    I say I'm not exactly new since the last time I was here was around January of this year xD lol then disappeared. Here's my old intro :)
    Short summary of me, freelance art and photographer :D Lately I've been playing Minecraft less because of work so Empire was a good choice since it feels peaceful to me. And I've been logging on a lot more here so I'm most likely staying!

    Anyways c: Very nice to meet you all! I leave you with a picture of me and my work-in-progress house in SMP6 - 12252

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  2. Well always great to hear that people have come back. :)
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  3. They always come back ;)
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  4. Welcome back! Nice looking place you got starting. Ill have to stop by sometime and say hi.