Hello! c:

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  1. Hi everyone my name is Shizukachan, but please call me Shiz or Shizu :D
    I've been Minecrafting for about a year now, so I hope I'll meet some new friends here :) and call this place home.
    A bit about myself, hmm let's see....
    I'm a freelance artist and photographer. My arts can be found here!
    I'm a serious builder :) I love to build, so I despise griefers.
    I'm a rule follower :p
    I have too much free time XD

    Lol that's all for now :)
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  2. Welcome to the empire Shizu :)

    One can have to much free time? This is news to me...
    If you decided on a specific lot already tell me the number plz. I want to see what awesome home a freelancing artist could build :D
  3. Thanks! :D
    Lol I work on-commision, so when I don't have any work I stay home and play MC or draw :)
    I'll be sure to let you know when my house is done! ^^