[Not est.] Cornerlands

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  1. En Route to being established, and respectably renamed to The Cornerlands.

    Feel free to join us, this thread is mostly for status updates of projects and builds at The Cornerlands.

    If you want to join us just come out, and put your name on the member wall.

    Base is on SMP5, to enter go to the coordinates 3971, 56, -6838 and there should be a hole in the riverbed, enter the hole and there should be a tunnel down to the base.

    Have fun exploring, it will be a large labyrinth of a base.

    Feel free to destroy a hole in the wall if you have to, but please don't destroy anything that looks complicated, or functional.
  2. What was the FEC? Can't remember every hearing of it.
  3. An outpost SMP5 veterans used to congregate at. Anybody was welcome. Same applies here.

    Want to join? I mean, why not?
  4. Bupity Boopity boppity bump!
  5. Hm, good question.
    I think I just prefer single player in general, but still... I don't spend that much time in-game though, so yeah...
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  6. Bump.

    Changed to cornerlands.
    Found an area.
    Started process to establishing
    Rewrote the thread.
    Made public membership available.
    EDIT: Locked chest placed, other requirements checked and ready, should be est. soon ;)
  7. Bump ;)
    Would like to see some other faces soon :D