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  1. I'd like to establish this outpost please.
    SMP2 - locked chest created today (the only chest i've locked in a very long time)

    There is no explored land anywhere near the location, so should be simple to establish. :)
    There is a locked chest with the names of those who will be building there.

    Thank you.
  2. So it's been 3 or 4 days now since I headed out beyond the borders of the frontier. Carrying with me only my Voter armor, some food, portal blocks and one of each tool. I found a lovely plains area with most of what we needed to get started, and so the first house was built on a level patch of plains.

    The plan is to get some essential farms up and running, collect animals and get producing needed supplies. Then we can begin work on the small Village of Norhaven, which will no doubt stretch out into an Empire.

    Here are some pics of progress so far.
    2014-11-07_09.26.42.jpg Norhaven Aerial View (so THAT's where those zombies are coming from)
    2014-11-07_08.42.44.png AngelOfGems Luxery Lodge - Generic little house! lol Until we get resources needed to build beautiful palaces.
    2014-11-07_08.54.00.png Skeleton Grinder, Located directly below town.
    2014-11-07_08.54.20.png Storage! - All community resources in one handy location.
    2014-11-07_08.55.12.png Cow Battery Farm (They love it in there, honest!)
    2014-11-07_08.56.50.png Mmm Food! Plenty to go around.
    2014-11-07_08.57.32.png Pumpkins! because everyone loves pumpkins!
    2014-11-07_09.02.48.png Twin Cave Spider spawner with crusher and auto-crush-AFK mode.
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  3. Two more important farms to get set up before work begins on the Village of Norhaven:
    Wool Farm
    Iron Farm
    And maybe a Chicken cooker, because everyone loves country fried! Mmmmm mm
  4. So when will you call upon some underlings to help establish your empire?

    Btw, I am an excellent railway builder :)
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  5. I'm not allowed to invite anyone else out there atm. :) The boss told me not too. But she might change her mind after a while.

    Also, we won't be connecting the location to town at all. We are isolated in the wild, and that's how we want to remain. But I'm 1050% sure we will have rail lines going from place to place around the Empire. :) She loves rails. Perhaps I can convince her to allow some nice people to join.
  6. Now I believe we are going to be using a LOT of wool, (and sand, but that's another story). So I'm having to seriously consider how to optimise wool production. The wild is ideal for this, as it has an animal/mob entity cap of 250. I am unable to find out for sure what the activation range is for sheep to regrow wool, so I've design a farm based on the smallest range it could be, 12 blocks.

    For those who love rail, it's an endless rail ride of shearing sheep. :) I might try to capture some video of this debacle... erm.. project as it's proving to be quite amusing, and i have no idea how i am going to get the sheep into their little pens. lol If video doesn't work out, i'll post a pic at least.

    2014-11-09_10.24.06.jpg Beginnings of the Wool Farm
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  7. Sheep farm finished, lots of wool now. Might have to build some giant wool statues. :)
    Max capacity is above entity limit of 250, though atm, we have 190 sheep in there. Hard to say how much wool per hour, as it does vary. Through test runs and improvements, I've already collected 2 DC's of wool (various colors). I'll see how much it produces on average (not including the initial run when all sheep have wool).

    I did record some video, but with kids running in and out, and many start-stops, might have to edit it a lot... grrr
  8. That wool farm looks incredible and amusing xD Can't wait to see the video!
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  9. I'm a newbie at video editing/producing, so might take a little while. :) Something i have to get better at though, so i'll do as many video's as i can.
  10. Sheep Farm update:

    Sheep: 178
    Productivity: 5384 wool/hr (1.5 DC's)
    1 run of the farm takes on average 85 seconds.

    NB: If I pushed sheep count up to 230 (hard to get it higher with other mobs taking up entity cap), that would be 30% more wool.
    == 6956 Wool == 2 DC's / hr

    The test was done over a period of 18 min and 46s (18:46) using 4 shears. I started the test run on the 4th run through the farm. As I found the initial 1-2 runs were obviously the highest, with all sheep having their wool. subsequent 2-3 runs were conversely very low as most sheep were on "cooldown" with no wool. By the 4-5th run, the sheep were consistently regrowing wool at a regular pace, and representative of an infinite ongoing production rate for the farm.
    The test produced a total of 1684 wool over that 18:46 time.

    I lost some sheep when i 'fixed' the farm, and expect to run the farm with a capacity of 230 sheep. I could push it to 250 sheep, but it's very hard to stop other mobs taking up some of that entity cap. So 230 will be optimal.
  11. OK, as promised, a link to some footage of my sheep farm.
    Disclaimer: My headset is broken, so using a crappy desk mic. So the whole video has some distortion/feedback. Sorry.

    Also may be a surprise for some of you when you find out who I am. lol Shhhh.. it's a secret... not really.

    If enough people want a tutorial on building this, I can make one (with better sound I promise). Getting the rail speed just right was harder than getting the sheep into their trenches. But I'll explain all that in the tutorial, if enough are interested.
  12. Looks very nice! :)
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