No Vote Reward?

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  1. I've been voting fairly regularly, and usually see the rupee reward in my rupee history and have gotten in-game rewards via the mail.

    Earlier today I went to vote on TopG on my mobile. Apparently I was a few minutes too soon and got a message stating such. I tried again later, and was told I had already voted today. However, I see nothing in my rupee history to suggest I got a reward and I did not get any other rewards through the mail.

    The last time I voted was yesterday;
    Yesterday at 9:15 PM
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on - day bonus: 24
    I am not certain if the day 25 bonus is the reason.
  2. Vote again on another website, that sometimes happen to me, though i do not know the reason to this problem
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  3. I had voted on several others after this and did receive a rupee bonus, but not one specifically for TopG.
  4. I was able to vote on TopG this morning without issue and got the Day 26 reward. Seems Day 25 was lost.
    I've contacted TopG to see if I can get a response.
  5. The vote site might be down.
    Keep on voting! You will get the vote.

    Try to vote on more sites, more sites = more rupees :)
  6. It appeared to be up, when I first went to vote in the morning, it had the correct countdown between votes. Somehow or another it glitched and was unable to vote all day.
  7. TopG has had a persistent problem with the time counter between votes for me.
    I will check to see when I last voted by looking at my rupee history, so I know when to vote again.
    Today, I attempted to vote. The last time was at 10:47pm yesterday, so I wait until 10:51am to vote. Upon doing so, I get a message that I have already voted and need to wait 3 minutes. This would be fine, except that after waiting 5 minutes to vote again, I get told again that I have already voted and need to wait 11 he's and 54 mins. Effectively I have lost the opportunity to vote.

    Has anyone had this happened? It's fairly annoying.
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  8. The last time this happened, they had some issue where everyone's vote was being logged to the same (internal) IP. Didn't have any problems with it last night myself, but I only vote once every evening so it may be a little wonky on a 12hr schedule.
  9. The only voting site I can stand is the second one (and topg kinda). The second one is amazing all you do is slide a bar to the right and click your name, so fast and easy. Its the site I use, with no problems ever.
  10. For a while now, all I had to do for TopG was click a box to put a checkmark on it. After I did some things with my computer, it reverted to pictures again.
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  11. A similar problem happened to me too.
    I voted, but I did not get the voting reward. (Besides the rupees)
  12. I know why, its because someone else voted using your ip/internet/wifi. This happens when my brother votes before me.
  13. Brrr!
    But no one else is in my house besides my parents and gerbil...
  14. I think TopG changed that, as it reverted to pictures for me too and I did nothing to my computer.
  15. That happens to me on that one too. I have no idea why, but you are not alone.
  16. Ok good. As long as other people are sharing the same unhappiness, I am happy.
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  17. Someone could have hacked in....
  18. This is unlikely, I'm fairly rural, WiFi password protected and MAC restricted and only person who plays Minecraft in the house.
  19. This is a recent change, and I hoped it was a change that would correct this.
  20. Things happen....