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  1. Ok, a couple of guys introduced me to this idea in college. Basically, if you're a guy (or a very hairy girl) you shave your face on halloween night and then don't shave throughout November.
    Then on December the 1st you post a picture of your stubbly man-face. :)
    Please post if you're interested in doing this. :)
  2. I would so do this if I didn't have to work :(
  3. Do it anyways. Tell them it's something to do with religion, haha. (Also, I'm down!)
  4. Awesome. Tell them that if they value you as an employee they will accept you for who you are :p
    Going to shave my failure-fluff right now. ;D
  5. My face... It's so cold. D:

    nb. Anyone who wants to join in, but reads this too late, join in anyway. Doesnt matter if you can't do it tonight. :)
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  6. Aww i wish but.. :( im not really hairy at all :D
  7. Hm...females don't get to shave their legs?
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  8. Count me in! XD
    Alrighty Wolverine Mutton Chops! See ya in a month!
  9. It's actually called Movember. In Australia, it is a charity event in which people sponsor your mustache.

    I participate in spirit each year, but I sort of cheat. I don't shave at the start of the month.
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  10. yea in New Zealand every one does that also
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  11. I haven't shaved for a few weeks, and don't plan too. so I guess I am somewhat in this.
  12. I'm in :D me and a couple friends already planned on doing this haha.
  13. i already have a 2-3 month start :p

    sadly my facial hair grows really slow so i only have a short beard :(
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  14. I'm not doing moustache though, they're creepy looking. I'm gunna do whole face. Well, if you can't part with your current facial hair, just continue to not shave and then post on here on the 1st with what you've got (maybe mention when you started growing it too) :)
  15. I'm going to post a picture today and then again on December 1st. I haven't shaved for two weeks and forgot to yesterday, so I'm just calling it a head start. :D
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  16. Good idea. I think I will too, just for proof. :)
  17. You should make a new post dedicated to just the images, and reference this post as to what it's about. Mention that people should use that post to post their before images, haha...see how many we can get.
  18. hockey beard here i come....if it decides to finally not be blonde as all hell >.< 20 and my facial hair is like invisible wtf!
  19. Ok, guys. The photo page is up- check first post edit.
  20. Looks like im out X_X