Movember Pictures!

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Did you cheat? (not shave at the beginning)

Poll closed Dec 1, 2011.
Yes 3 vote(s) 30.0%
No 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. This is going to be interesting...I last shaved about 2 weeks ago, so yes, I cheated by accidentally forgetting to shave. Oh well, on to December 1st.

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  2. Here's my clean-shaven face. Couldn't get a mix of a good photo and the ability to show my lack of sideburns, but oh, well. :)
  3. i kinda cheated shaved a 5-6 days ago lol i will get a pic up later when i feel the urge to use the camera xD
  4. Grrr, i dropped my phone in the toilet. So I cant put up any before pics, but ill have some after ones :D
  5. ^convenient of you curite
  6. lol just use this picture as a reference of what i look like now
    <<<< hopefully will be replacing my phone soon :b
  7. Before december 1st, hopefully. :)
  8. IMG00206.JPG
    Bring it on December 1st!
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  9. By then for sure, ordering my new one once pay day comes around
  10. I do not have the ability to go without shaving... So, unfortunately I will only be able to post photos from 4 day weekends... :)

  11. Shaved off a fairly rugged beard this morning in quite a crude fashion, so I think the result is an adequate emulation of a one day old stubble.
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  12. Holy crap, you look just like your cartoon avatar.
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  13. XD
    I get that a lot. I drew myself as a cartoon in Photoshop. It was a challenge for sure!
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  14. Skillfully done.
    I lack the artistic ability to draw from example, but I make a mean stick man...
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  15. Did anyone else complete this? I took this as soon as I woke up today, which is why I look high as a kite, lol. Can't wait to get rid of it. It itches like no other, lol.

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  16. I couldn't complete it, due to job interviews. Unfortunately, I have no job, still.
  17. I lol'd.
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  18. looks like robo cop got in on movember. lol
  19. IMG00001.JPG

    Almost forgot about this! I'm keeping wolverine until Christmas. :D
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