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  1. I am new, I came in the empire just yesterday but I don't have a residence, when you will build more?
  2. i found an empty residence but one have it, her's username is Betty019, can someone give me that residence if it's possible?
  3. sorry, i posted the message with you
  4. They cant. Everyone have the right to own their own residence. If youre not active for a month, it will be reset and reclaimed.
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  5. This. We have automated reports that pop up and let us know when they've been inactive for 30 days and take care of them then. :)
  6. Cant you like send a screenshot of the popup, in curious to see how they look ;)
  7. What pop up? I'm not sure what you mean.
  8. "We have automated reports that pop up"
  9. Yeah, it doesn't literally pop up in the game. I meant we get, you know, text on a document, lol.
  10. ah.. bummer, would be cool though xD
  11. Do you know when somebody's tried to access the server? And is this regarded in the 30 day thing? Because, hypothetically if someone tries to get on from time to time and can't connect, they may not be able to sit and refresh to find a gap. It's not that they've abandoned EMC, they're just never able to connect. It seems unfair to be evicted from your res because the server's full.
  12. We have a few safe-guards against this. One, is we encourage people to give us warnings of why they aren't/can't get on for a period of time, if they contact us with this information, we'll be lenient on the issue. Also, if they've signed up to the site and they have a significant amount of stuff built in their res, I will send them a message, giving them a bit of extra time to contact me back.
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