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  1. All the res are all fulled on smp1, smp2, smp3, smp4, smp5, smp6, smp7, smp8, and smp9 !!!
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  2. They will be reset on April 3rd.
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  3. The golden era for hotels, I guess.
  4. The update to 1.5 took longer than expected. As a service to our members, we remove the derelict policy during this time in case anyone updates inadvertently.
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  5. Actually, I heard IcecreamCow was re-enabling the derelict policy sometime today.
  6. *Patiently waits*
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  7. You can go to a res, and do /res info. Then do /p [playername] for the owner of the res and you can see how much he has been online. When he hasn't been online for 10 days, you can ask a mod to reset the res.
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  8. Ummm....
    You cant do that just yet...
  9. If you joined 8 months ago why is this a problem?
  10. You can if they've been inactive for a stupid amount of time. IE: Joined EMC 200 days ago, last seen, 170 days ago.
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  11. Now you can. :)

    We just put derelict back on and there's a good chunk on SMP1 open and a few on the others.
  12. Smp7 still shows 0 available. I checked some of the residences around me and found over ten that were eligible. How come the derelict plug-in or whatever it is found so many on smp1 and so few on the other servers?

    Edit: I just refreshed and see that smp2 and Uptopia now have a bunch available. Must be it takes some time for each one?
  13. There are much more than that available. The system only resets them as needed; and not a ton all at once to avoid lag. So it is normal for the numbers to be thrown off a little after updates like these.
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  14. the system usually runs in the midst of the night automatically... but im betting justin kicked a few off manually.
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  15. Cool :) Thanks ICC and yes i just saw Justin on resetting some res's xD
  16. The ones I checked were just in a circle near me so I assume there must be a ton of available sites. Because smp7 has had zero residences available this week we've been telling the new minions to just wait or PM ICC. Hopefully we'll be back to normal for the weekend.
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  17. I still have the mooshrooms ICC gave me when he reset mine. :cool:
  18. Yes, they are "fulled".
  19. *sees reses are all full*
    *ICC starts plans for SMP10 and SMP11*