No more Herobrine :( lol

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by LZBZ_DW, Aug 1, 2012.

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  2. Doesnt it say that in every new update?
  3. Yeah it's a running joke of Mojang's, just to troll noobs. :)
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  4. *eek*

    Oh no, not *again* :)
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  5. according to notch herobrine never existed and the "reports" and "videos" are false
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  6. I have seen him in really deep mines a few times. He will only appear at bedrock AFAIK. And it could just be coincidence, but every time I have seen him, I have had rotten flesh in my inventory, so that could be related.
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  7. Hmm that's strange, the one time I saw him I had rotten flesh in my inventory too...
  8. Joel. -.- he doesn't exist. The only way for him to appear is to get a mod for him. But you can't do that on EMC.
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  9. That's what I thought too, but seriously, just get some rotten flesh in your inventory and dig to bed rock and wait. He usually seems to appear in very dark areas.
  10. Me too. Spooky.

    Really, we're onto something here; it's gotta be rotten-flesh related.

    Were you guys also carrying ladders, jack o'lanterns, or mooshroom eggs? I was... I just wondered if we could pin this down.

    Also, there was a big lightning storm when I saw him. Coincidence? Sure... that's what they all say
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  11. Oh man, now that I think of it, I am pretty sure I was carrying a jack-o-lantern too!!! LZBZ_DW can you confirm?
  12. Yep, I had jacks on me because it was after we finished our slime farm... so likely jacks and rotten flesh are key here.
  13. They removed him for 7 times already
  14. It didn't take, that's why they keep trying.
    When I saw him it was in 1.2.5, what about you joelslaw, or herbrin3?
  15. SO should never go mining with jack-o-lanterns or rotten flesh?

    What is its a mining party and you have to bring rotten flesh and jack-o-lanterns?
  16. Yeah, 1.2.5 for sure. Just a code creep issue I guess? (code creepy is more like it, lol)
  17. Yes, 1.2.5. I was playing with my friend Candlejack; we'd just build a light-house out of redstone, and then he
  18. But why remove it 7 times when you only have to do it once? Plus, I noticed that it says "Removed Herobrine" every second update... I've never seen him myself but that's cause I got minecraft at 1.0.0 I think...
  19. I use jacks for light (they are brighter than torches). As for the flesh, I had just killed some zombies and hadn't thrown it out yet.