No more emerald ore!

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  1. Jeb state on his twitter that there will be no more emerald ore so no worries for a wild reset.

    Here is a link:!/jeb_

    Edit: Jeb is putting it back in
  2. The only thing on Jeb's twitter about emeralds is his stating that they are only currency
  3. lol Yes !
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  4. okay, I stand corrected, I didn't see the prior entry
  5. By what I read, Jeb removed it again. He's removed it before and re-added it, so he might add it again later, if enough people want it back.
  6. However, ICC was talking about emeralds not really mattering in EMC because they might not be adding the villager trading into the server because of prior problems with the villagers.. <,<
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  7. All I can say is,


    That is all
  8. I am also glad. I never thought I would dread an update.
  9. Still, pyramids. Then again, you guys dint care, right? (PLEASE DONT CARE)
  10. I would of liked emerals if there didnt need to be a reset. Oh well, maybe jeb will change his mind..
  11. Think about the cake guys.
  12. Me gusta cake.
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  13. Yes, cake solves everything...;)
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  14. I think Jeb should do what he want's to. I mean he are devoloping the game, he should decide if HE want's emerald or not. If i was Jeb i would had added them JUST because people are ****hing about it.

    I really wanted the emeralds added just because that would had been added a "new"feeling to the game, (not for smp, mainly for SP, alot of servers has economy already) Why are people crying because a wild reset? Wilderness aint safe and ALOT of people only want no wild reset JUST because there grinder they have. (I have 3-4grinders my self, and to be honest i don't care about them) I like to explore the map, so i really want a wild reset just because the pyramids and new villages. Oh and on i know few servers there will reset there map just because of this update, so why are some people on EMC whining about the wild reset, mob spawners are easy to make and if you know how to turn it into a grinder then you KNOW that it only takes 30-45min ..
  15. Being selfish without thinking of what a majority of users want is no way to develop a game. I commend Jeb for actually paying attention to the userbase's desires, and not just his own wants.
  16. I went on my minecraft and I found emerald just fine. Same with ruby and sapphire.
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