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Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Happyshopper, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. Contest no longer valid due to player being perm banned.
  2. Partcipating :D
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  3. Brilliant, we need as many people as possible to enter... Remember its free to send a tweet and you could win 100k!!!!
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  4. Could you still enter if you just created one?
  5. Sure
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  6. Yay! I love it!
    You're the alt of someone, right? ;)
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  7. Entered although I didn't use my username just because I don't need a 100k.
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  8. I donĀ“t use twitter but I somehow have an account. I have already put my referral link and hash tag EmpireMC Gap542
  9. Bump..
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  10. Doing it for the love. :)
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  11. I checked yesterday the #EmpireMC and I only saw 2...

    Why isn't anyone joining?!
  12. Apathy...
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  13. Yeah, he loves it :D
    I was the first one, yay!
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  14. BUMP, NO one wants 100k>???????
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  15. Obviously me... I think I posted it.
  16. If I win... I'll donate like 10k to the first random poor guy I see on my server...
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  17. What is your server? :rolleyes:
  18. I want to do, but i do not have Twitter :p
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  19. smp9
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