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  1. what are some of the worst nightmares you have ever had....


    if you know what food causes nightmares or (tylenol for example) WHAT ARE THEY
    ive nearly pissed myself twice in a row cause of a scary arsonist dream...

    tonight woke up at 3:28 PCT (pacific... cause im canadian XD) because of a nightmare.
  2. watch something with light humor before you sleep next
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  3. The scariest night mare I had was where I couldn't wake up. It was morning and I kept trying to wake up, I'd even get up walk out to the kitchen where my mum and sister were talking and then suddenly spring back and still be in bed. It took me about four or five goes before I actually managed to wake up.
  4. if that ever happens to you again, try rolling off your bed to the floor in dream, wakes me up when that happens to me.
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  5. I usually jump off a nearby cliff. There's always one around you somehow.
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  6. I was in some strange school ,I wasn't feeling well so I didn't eat any of the feast.At night when we're all in our dorms...Roars came and I opened the door finding myself facing a zombie army (Food probably was poisoned.) So yeah...I couldn't find any source of suicide weaponry or object...Trust me I have a great phobia of zombies...
    Try to have a empty mind when u go to sleep.
    Thankfully I haven't had any recent nightmares.
  7. I once founded myself inside a tank that was getting water inside. I woke up when i drowned. It was so scary... :C
  8. As far back as I can remember, I have not had a nightmare. And I can remember a fair ways back.

    Every once and while, Ill have a nightmare where I cant talk.
  10. i watch horror before sleep, to be honest, i never had any nightmare so far...