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  1. When someone says your name in chat, (such as me, wisepsn), it goes red and gives you a sound. However, if someone says my nickname, it does not alarm me. I think we should have an option so you could add your nickname, so when someone might say, "wise", my nickname, I will be able to know.

    Another idea is if someone accidently spells your name wrong, in chat it doesn't alarm you. I think there should be a way to give the player anotice saying, "Did you mean to say wisepsn? Do /msg wisepsn" or something in that guideline to help with it.

  2. Well. This I do not want. Nicknames are very odd because people call me sky and if I were to set my nickname as sky on this, I would get an alert everytime somebody says the sky is blue.

    As for mispelling, it too can create problems.

    It CAN work. It just needs a wee bit of tweaking.
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  3. If nicknaming yourself sky has more negative things than positive, just don't do /nick sky.

    Nice idea wisepsn, though I don't think the misspelling part is necessary.
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  4. I don't believe nicknaming yourself would be totally easy since imagine if your name is RandomCoder5 - and you nickname yourself eklektoi ... yet there is already a player named eklektoi - and both people are online ... and someone says:

    Yo eklektoi!

    Would it ping both? would it ping neither? would it ping the actual player? or would it pint the one with the nickname?

    However, if say I want to nickname my alt account, WCG_Elite ... as Elite ... that would be on 'my side' only ... so if I logged into eklektoi and wcg was online, i'd say ... Hi Elite

    It would then check the nickname list - if I have it in eklektoi's nickname list - it would associate it with the person who's nickname i said it with - thus being WCG_Elite ... and would ping the person associated with that nick.
  5. You could just do it the simple way of pinging everyone who has anything to do with the trigger word said - whether it be name or nickname. :p
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  6. A few other server's pming systems are like that - you say part of a name - and anyone associated with that name gets the message you sent ... it could ping all people associated with that name ... maybe - just maybe could be a supporter feature to have a nickname assigned to you? idk :p
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  7. Well, as someone with a nickname of "brick" I'd completely hate this idea...
  8. I wouldn't mind being called Elite ;)
  9. I'm sure they would add a feature so nobody can have the same nickname as somebody else, like 2 people with the nickname "Silver", and you can't have a nickname that matches somebody else's name.
  10. The nicknames would only be visible to you... would be completely personal, and wouldn't affect anyone else in any way at all. There is no reason at all to limit a nickname to one person. :)
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  12. Actually, now that I think about it, my nickname idea wasn't as bad as I thought..

    Sure, there may be a possibility that a player may say "sky" when he is referring to the sky, but I would better be safe then sorry. With the nicknames, you could possibly use it to and advantage. Say you make a nickname named, Auction. Now, whenever someone mentions the word, Auction, in town chat, that player will get alerted. Maybe even supporters will be able to get even more than one nickname, so whenever someone says that WORD, they will get alerted. :)
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  13. It should be to any member... +1! It should at least do with irl name or ign
  14. This is a good thing, especially because it's opt in. If you don't want to have a nickname, you won't be alerted for your nickname. If you do want to be alerted for your nickname, the option is available to you.

    I'd probably set it to get alerts for "Crazy" even though I don't like people calling me that.