Nice to see YouTube is handling things better.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Unoski, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. What is in the signature picture...
  2. ??
  3. That team of highly trained monkeys are so good, because YouTube is working for me! :p Not sure what is wrong.
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  4. Well if we are talking about YouTube as a whole, then they just ruined the comment section. Again. Can they seriously not leave a well working system alone?
  5. Yeah, that's one of those things, the comment system we did have wasn't working out to great, full of spambots and just general trolls. But they actually made things worse with the new system lol.
  6. The trolls eventually were dealt with by responsible uploaders, and trying to fight spambots is a lost battle lol.
  7. you all spend way too much time on youtube :/ I had no idea who most of the people were that everyone was all raging about at minecon...
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  8. And another point of how they mucked up: top comments stay up the top until another gets more votes, so they made it way easier for the bots lol
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  9. Oh, and how about needing a G+ account before you can comment?
  10. Pretty soon it will have a name change to "Google+ Videos".
  11. In my opinion, Google + was just a complete and utter fail for Google, but they don't like to admit or even acknowledge that people don't and won't use it, however they seem to love forcing it upon YouTube users :p Also, I thought they were 'closing it down' or something along them lines?
  12. They clam that with the new comment system, attacks and non productive comments should fall to the bottom, while the productive comments will stay on top. So basically, commenting is useless now. If a few comments become juggernauts, then hardly ever will a fresh comment be able to be seen.
  13. Also something else I fear with this new system is that there will be these really annoying 'top commenter' people like they have on Vine. Basically you will see them on every 'popular' video trying to make unfunny witty comments. :p
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  14. yep, that's youtube