NFS Carbon

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by AltamirDeMarz, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Sooo hello everybody... when i first got my pc it had Need For Speed Carbon on it... aaand of course over the time it got lost,deleted, etc sooo i wonder if any of you can send me a full version download...
  2. When you say download, what do you mean.
    Do you mean for somebody to buy it for you, or something else?
  3. A link i can click to start the download maybe? lol
  4. I think he means where to download the full version for free, not sure though.
    EDIT: whoops you were faster lol
  5. I used to play this game - I loved it - I had not played it for years till about a month ago but I am no longer a fan of the old graphics :p
    This game is probably illegal to download for free though - I would check eBay as I am pretty sure they go real cheap now, seeing as the game now feels ancient to me!