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  1. So my old thread got old, and this is the new one :D

    As the title mainly says I will do requested things such as logo's and signatures!

    For your signature bar! These can be clicked to be expanded. And size below 1680x300 is allowed please ask!
    Inanimate - 1680x300, 250r.
    Animated - Coming Soon!

    Need a cool logo for your thread? Order one of these!
    Inanimate - No Size Limit! 250r
    Animated - Coming Soon!

    Got a wild town, res or anything else that you want a map for? Just order one!
    All maps prices depend on the size.
    Types I do:
    Location description - For having squared areas and saying what's in them or what they area (Districts)
    Directive - Have a load of arrows giving positioning to area X
    Mob spawn zones - Want to tell the users where the highest and lowest mobs spawn rates are? This is it!

    !NEW! Others:

    I will soon be doing work for Thestar19 for his android applications for all the buttons etc. I am also flexible for me to do other work, whether its buttons on a website to have a custom Minecraft chat ;)

    The album contains all my work that I did before for personal things and any work that I have done for people in this thread.

    Promo Codes:
    These are codes I may give publicly or privately. They can depend from 50% off to a free order.

    Promo Codes For Use:
    None Currently (This is not a promo code -.-)

    Used Promo Codes:
    FRIST3DAYS - Free orders within the 3 days of this thread now removed

    Order Form:
    What you want:
    Any theme of it?:
    Promo code:


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  2. IGN: Gap542
    What you want: Signature
    Any theme of it?: Impress me
    Promo code: FIRST3DAYS
  3. Would you like image background or transparent?

  4. IGN: hmm... Try looking about an inch to your right...
    What you want: signature with my name.
    Any theme of it?:transparent, and be creative :)
    Promo code: first3days
  5. Your name is 'New'?
  6. Would you be able to do wallpapers?
  7. I can try :) But I need screen dimensions for the perfect one :)
  8. 1920 x 1080 If you are not able to do one that large, then 1600 x 900. I want lizards like my sig. on it.

    And if able PROMO: FIRST3DAYS
  9. Hey, I kinda want a signature like lizard but the lizards are rhinos and it says my name

  10. Link:

    If you want anything changing please just ask :) Its all covered in the promo code
  11. If the Background is awesome,works out with the letters and I like it yes.
  12. I will do both for you :)
  13. Due to size of the picture I have put it in a spoiler.

    If you want anything changing please just ask :)
  14. Nfell! Make meh a background!
    IGN: Jcplugs
    What you want: A pretty background:)
    Any theme of it?: Make it pretty! :p Do what you want really
    Promo code: First3days
  15. Here you go. The prettiest background EVER!

  16. Why would I have my self as a background. you doggie. make it blue and white and snowy
  17. Ok :)
  18. I fixed it :p
  19. IGN : aCookieGod
    What you want : Signature of my name!
    Any theme of it? : Creative and just my name in a cool font
    Promo code :First3days
  20. have you made mine yet?