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  1. There are many things coming up in the next update of Minecraft, one of the big things is the ability to change your username. So it got me thinking, Is this going to affect the ownership of residences and stuff if someone were to get their name changed? Cause I might be changing my username and I don't want to lose my residence or anything like that because of this.

    Thanks for your time :)

  2. Nope, not all :)

    One of the changes that has happened is that plugins and the like changed to using UUIDs to identify people instead of by name, so even if your name changes, the res will still be yours.
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  3. I plan to keep the classic Olaf_C username, but I plan to change my alt.
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  4. If I remeber correctly, there might be problems with shop signs and such, when you change your name. I forgot where I read it, but it was Aikar saying so. He might have found a way to fix it...
  5. You will basically be a prisoner, change your name if you want; you will still be #95821 to Mojang.
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  6. was that just a random number or is that my specific number??
  7. Random number silly.
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