[NEWS] The well-known R0bbieJo finally caught and in captivity

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  1. SMP4 #8020 --- Well-known for using her hammer frequently and accurately, her deeds got her caught in captivity today. As she was innocently making an eggsandwich, three valiant and brave adventurers investigated the suspect. With danger of getting their minecraftaccounts banhammered, these adventurers snuck up and trapped her in her unconciousness, capturing her in a glass cage.

    If you ever find yourself in meeting a mod, don't try to trap them without a professional.
    Immediately contact EmpireNews for professional support with those circumstances.
  2. Do Not Feed!
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  3. Does it speak?
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  4. Oh I am gonna get you ALL for this one... LOL
  5. lmao, ideas ideas robbie, WATCH OUT! :D
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  6. lol! everyone run and hide!
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  7. An invisible mod
    Sleepin' in your bed
    Who you gonna' call?

    Nah, it's just not the same.
  8. For once I wasn't in something with a don't feed robbiejo projected :(

    And I think I shouldn't have been in this one :p
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  9. I just have a pwnhammer.
    Much stronger.
    Can break glass.
    Should I?
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  10. Catch us if you can!!!
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  11. He seems to forget I have ways to know where you are ALL the time... heeheehee!
  12. It's called mods over use tp :O
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  13. Burn!
  14. I was talking about the dashboard... lol
  15. /player ban Olaf _ C Abusing Mobs
    /report Olaf_C Refusing To feed R0bbie

    Just some Ideas (Nah Jk don't actually do this Olaf's a good guy sometimes xD)
  16. Sometimes ;-)
  17. Its those Othertimes I watch out for lol
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  18. Yeah, none of you have to worry. She will be with me for 5 days. Your welcome.
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