[News] Boy Stars in New Barbie Commercial!

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  1. Boy Stars in New Barbie Commercial

    The new Moschino Barbie is a huge hit (currently sold-out!), and its commercial is breaking boundaries by featuring a young boy in it.
    "Moschino Barbie is so fierce!" the boy screams as he and two female friends laud the doll, done up in designer Jeremy Scott's sleek glamour. Barbie's cellphone goes off and the male child says, "It's for you, Moschino Barbie," before winking at the camera. Watch the ad below.
    The strict gender lines of toys and children's accessories have slowly been breaking down, with Target moving to make its signage more gender-neutral.

  2. this is why iam not on the forums this time of night
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  3. It's kinda cool to see that things are being labeled less, but I don't see what the huge difference is. When I was little, I was always one of the only girls playing with Star Wars toys. At fast food restaurants, I'd want the "boy" toys instead of My Little Pony. There were never girls in the Spy Gear commercials, and I knew that. I never really had a problem with it, as long as I was a happy little kid, why did it matter what the toys were labeled? In my eyes, it was just how the aisles in the store were laid out :p It didn't define who I was, it defined how Target viewed their items.
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  4. I wish my little girl played with star wars toys ;-;
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  5. Maybe, play with Star Wars toys, she will.

    Also, I don't really see how this is news..?
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  6. Its not, its just a thread that will get shutdown after it gets the attention it was designed for ;-)
  7. If I had a child with that haircut, I would be ashamed to take him out in public.

    Also, big friggin' deal. I was playing Mortal Kombat Barbie with my sister fifteen years ago. They do some killer roundhouse kicks. Chuck Norris would be jelly.
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  8. If you really want excitement go to the youtube comments, real riot. Some people man, some people.
  9. There is no reason for this to get closed. If it does it shows that emc is bias against the world changes and labels on toys.

    Also I put it as news as it is listed on the CNN and many news sites so yes it is news.
  10. CNN also runs stories on Obama taking a stroll to lunch. Just because it's on a news network doesn't make it newsworthy. :p

    . . .

    Or that people just don't give a damn about tabloid journalism. I mean, there are plenty of possible rational explanations for that, before we jump to the "OMG BIASED!" mudslinging. But hey, you do you, man.
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  11. Here comes some attention:

    This commercial shows a trend that probably won't be beneficial for the majority of boys. I agree that kids should play with whatever toy they like without being labelled or denounced. (Though, I highly doubt that this is the intend of Mattel)

    But boys are struggling in the current education system as compared to girls, which partly might be caused by a strong bias to femal teachers in primary education (1, 2, 3).

    Boys and girls just have different needs, which for boys it seems isn't provided for as need would be (4).

    If wanted and I can find the time, I can try to find some scientific publications about it.
  12. And the bait has been taken! Grab the popcorn.

    Edit: number 4... I read the first sentence and had to close it haha. Growing recognition.. like since puberty lol.
  13. Nah, safe your popcorn for another occasion. I wouldn't care enough to make it entertaining for you.
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