Newest additions to SMP2 Downtown

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Interested in Purchasing property from SSRC?

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  1. SMP2's Downtown has been growing recently, and SSRC has begun/completed a few projects to further the redevelopment of SMP2 and Downtown.

    Additions are as followed...
    NEW High rise that will be sold off (price tbd) Will have a fully built mega-mall inside for the new owner to use once purchased.

    The Spawn district Railroad terminal for the SMP2 Subway system is finally complete and will finally begin the final phase of the Subway extension (connecting Spawn to Downtown SMP2).

    Finally, In case of new builds you haven't caught yet, here are a few shots of Downtown SMP2.

    SSRC welcomes anyone who wishes to move to SMP2 and will help you in the moving process by getting you on your feet here. This can include financial compensation and incentives along with material support in some cases.
  2. This is pretty amazing. I'm gonna be messaging you about some things. :D
  3. Hmm. While everything else is amazing too, I'm really interested about that subway. Can you maybe explain (in PM if you want) some things about it, or is taking a look ingame enough? I'd really like to build one myself too , to connect my many residences. :)
  4. Wow, didn't know about this. I will come and check it out.