New Year's Fireworks!

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  1. Come to my residence, on SMP9. The address is 18513. So, lets get into what this thread will talk about. Everyone knows how we all (not really all, but you get what I mean) have seen fireworks on New Years Eve. I am putting on a show at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. The show will expectedly go on for 30 minutes (I have contacted staff members about this, as it might be a slight violation to the "fireworks time limit" rule). I have 22 different kinds of fireworks and counting! I will update this thread when/if i get more! Also, if you guys have a firework you would like to donate/for me to set off, Private Message me, and I will set up a drop-off chest as soon as possible. If you would like, you may bring fireworks the night of and set them off. I will give everyone use, so DO NOT mess with everything else. If I catch you doing so, you will bev immediately res banned. The drop-off chest is in the CENTER OF TOWN. Exit the teleport building, and turn right. Then, walk towards the large tree. If you have informed me about an incoming donation, I will have a chest set up for you. I will update all of the donations below:

    Donation 1:

    Wanted Donation:

    Warning: There will be, on average, 5-6 fireworks per second. Please make sure your computer can handle this. Also, this can get loud. If needed, turn down your volume!
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  2. Wait... So this is on New Years Eve... Or?
  3. If you read the thread, you'll see its on New Year's EVE :).
  4. Ah okay. I read the whole post, not sure how I missed that :confused:
  5. :)
  6. Ok the thing is... on SMP 1 at the /v newyears res that Aikar owns we will be having an SMP 1 only celebration. I would suggest you do this just for SMP 9. Srry but this is what I think about it. :p
  7. Just a bump!
  8. UPDATE! I have bought an Empire Firework!
  9. So, this would be at 7:00PM my time. (mountain time)
  10. Yes, 7:00 PM my time too, actually. :). Just that eastern time is standard for the country, so...
    And, more EMC people are in the eastern time zone :).
  11. That's a lot of bumps...
  12. What do you mean in your sig?

  13. I'm have traveled 100,000+ blocks north on Smp 8.
    My (somewhat) current distance: - 110K
    Expect a forum thread soon.
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  14. we SOOOOOOO need an emc-timezone