New Year's Eve Fireworks

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  1. The New Year's Eve Celebration!

    In January 1st 2013 at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time a fireworks show will be displayed! I would like the fireworks display to at least last 5 minutes or more. The fireworks show will contain synchronous fireworks, all displays Minecraft has to offer, and all things fun.

    Where can I get a seat to get a good view of the Fireworks?
    If possible I will ask a senior moderator to make a observation platform at the SMP5 Mob Arena, right next to SMP5 10030. You can view the firework shows at every view or angle but it is better when there is no obstruction and the synchronous fireworks will look much better. I will also ask if my good friend Haerhitman will be able to host a platform.

    I want to host my own fireworks show too!
    You shouldn't! Nothing discouraging but I think at this time, at new years eve everyone should all gather together at one place. If you want to host a fireworks show, you should just co-work with my project, credits will be given, you will get your own fireworks slot. But it is your decision to do this, but I encourage all enthusiast to co-work with me on this project.

    Why Eastern Time?
    This is because most of the EMC players are from the United States. They will also benefit from this because the time will be earlier if you live in the far western side of the US (e.g. California).

    I want to contribute/donate supplies for the fireworks show!
    You can contribute supplies yes. As for fireworks, if you have a design you wish to send in please do, credits will be given in a separate thread with the video.
  2. Cool, I will be there! :D Everyone gots to love fireworks! By the way, how do you craft fireworks? I think I can get you some supplies
  3. hey controller i want to co work with ur project but i cant go on emc until it updates.
  4. Hey thecontroll can JeanZNation, JeanZ Inc. and BK Inc. have their own fireworks slot?
  5. lucky you has moneyz
  6. Totalty epic. Ill try to be there.
  7. This should help,

    That's fine, as long as its before New Years Eve haha

    Yes of course, you can also tell me what to do with the fireworks, designs and synchronization. Nothing too crazy since we have redstone limitation :p
  8. Might I just point out that if this event does take place when you want it too they will be on EMC as Fireworks are in the update that was released today ;)
  9. I want to see it! Do we have to arrange purchasing of seats so everyone can see without someone else stepping in front of them?
  10. Completely free of charge! Unless Haer or any of the Senior Mods want to charge you :p
  11. Okay sounds good ;) I'll try to be there! :D
  12. Yay I get to celebrate New Years twice! :3
  13. What do you mean by that, Are you celebrating where you are and when you get back home in AUS?
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  14. Awesome idea controller! I'll be there. I'm always here to help my neighbors :p
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  15. If you have something urgent and can't attend the celebration, I will ask someone to record the fireworks display. I would do it myself but I'm the one controlling the fireworks.

    As a matter of fact, since the fireworks will be displayed at my residence I will have move false and typically make room for redstone extensions haha. Hopefully redstone and dispensers will play nice with my residence.
  16. Haer?
  17. Wait theres a redstone limitation?
    Is it because of the engineers you have?
    I have OrangePie123 on my side, He's the best redstone guy on EMC.
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  18. AUS and EMC
  19. Ah of course :D
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  20. I don't mean that, since were going to do synchronous fireworks, that requires redstone magic. To do more complicated designs we require more twisted circuitry, which means I have to make space. Since fireworks work differently and I can make them detonate at a specific time I require more dispensers. I will at least use 64 or more dispensers.
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