New Years Eve Drop Party

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by belac555, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Hey guys so i finally got that dp i was talking about going it will be a 2 MILLION ruppe drop party

    I do accept donations just go to /v belac555 on smp3 and find the donation chest and put whatever you'd like to donate in there

    pls RSVP by commenting down below

    EDIT:place will be /v +tb4 dropper

    EDIT 2: Time will be 4 PM Emc time
  2. Awesome! I will try to be there! :D
  3. Awesome i hope you will!
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  4. I might try my best to come
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  5. Awesome i hope to see you there
  6. Awesome, I will try my best. May I ask how you got 2 million?
  7. ill try to come
  8. Various promos and vouchers and stuff like that
  9. might be able to come depending on time
  10. bumpage!!!
  11. hey guys just hit the 1 mil mark for the drop party make sure if you can to go donate to it at /v belac555 on smp3 thanks to the people that have donated so far
  12. bumpage!!!
  13. bumping this here is a sneak peek at some of the stuff that i will be dropping

    1.A Diamond Supporter Voucher
    2.Turkey Slicers
    3.Iron Supporter Voucher
  14. gonna bump lemme know if you have donated anything and i will make sure to put you up on my wall of donaters
  15. also got the place for it set up
  16. What's the date of the DP? I might donate if I have anything extra to give :p
  17. It's on new years eve at 4 Pm EMC time so eastern time
  18. Hope I can come! Any idea what time it will end?
  19. I mean 2 million ruppes hmm maybe 6 o-clock