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  1. Since I am the 19th respondent (or was at start of this comment), I choose #19 for the Golden Towers

    What is the biggest EMC project you have worked on or built? What about that project did you enjoy the most? The least? Where in the project did you get burned out? (Starting, Middle, Finishing) What did you do to reinvigorate your enthusiasm?

    Where I'm leading these questions to is advice for others and myself when projects become boring or you just feel like there's nothing to do on EMC and how you handle those mental blocks, if you will. It doesn't have to be the *biggest project but I guess the most difficult you done.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
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  2. Q1) As video games I don't play any other. One of my goals for 2023 is to start playing my playstation 4 again. I guess once I get back into that then I'd be playing Mortal Kombat, Racing games to start of with. I hear good thing about the new Hogwarts Legacy so that might be on my list. I also play card games like Uno and Poker along with boardgames like Monopoly, chess, connect four, Risk.

    Q2) I'm not to versed in whats to come as I only play on EMC so I don't feel a need to be educated on upcoming features until EMC updates. Yet since you asked I did google the update and I'd have to say the addition of Camels to the desert biome followed by the hanging signs.

    I do say so and it's most likely filled with ancients parts that could help repair my new friends ship. Perhaps even allowing them to find a fast way back to Earth.

    In a deep woods where even mosquitos are afraid to venture for the only blood they'll find is their own.

    I guess the biggest in terms of size would be this ten story building and its unfinished because I got tired of it after I had to tear down five story's because I forgot to add a one block section to those five floors and after fixing it I left it to go do something else. As for difficult I never mess with redstone but I needed a stone gen at my End outpost and so I had to learn how to make it via youtube. Which was frustrating when I didn't have something go in the direction it needed to for it to properly function.
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  3. 20 xD

    Favorite Pokemon? xD
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  4. Psyduck is my favorite. I made a paper mache psyduck in a middle school art class.
  5. Just a bump with an answer to my own question.

    Q) What smp did you first land on when you joined EMC ?

    A) Well after I completed the Tutorial which was a lot cooler than what we have now because it showcased a lot of fancy mobs like Momentus that I would someday encounter I landed on the server of two to which I still reside on even though I no longer retain ownership of my original plot.
  6. Dear AT as always I choose 13 as my number.

    I wonder.. do you like to garden? frisbee? kites? .. go fishin? What is it that the Ancient Tower enjoys when not here?
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  7. Now listen here youngling let me tell you the tale of Tower of the Ancients. I had green thumb once but I retired. Looking to get back in the game you hear me. My plants live and thrive and the forest I've created is a sanctuary for many creatures and trails of wild flowers that bring all the butterfly's to my yard. (Short answer is yes I do garden from time to time. I love to plant but I hate the maintenance of a garden.

    I've been known to get down and slice a good game of Disk Golf. I do fly kites but only on the beach when I was a youngling in diapers. ( Can you imagine an AncientTower in diapers.)

    I love to fish, nothing better than to get out on the lake and swing that pole and let the bait fly dunking into the depths of the water twerking for all the Bass.

    What I do outside of EMC is a bunch of different things. Like watch the television, wash the dishes, cook and serve food on said washed dishes. I make a mean banana bread. If gas was cheaper and the sun was hotter I'd just be driving down the highway with the windows down and the music cranked to the max. It's a pirates life for me.
  8. Ahh Ancient one.. thank you for the story and info. I share you love of gardening and also the not so much fun of the maintenance. I'm thinking of planting all native lovelies with a few tomatoes and let nature be what it is.

    The pirates life? Drivin down the highway with the music playin and the wind whipping my hair around.. oh yea.
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  9. #4
    Why did you resign from staff?
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  10. I was getting burnt out on minecraft mainly due to my computer not working properly and eventually just never being able to launch minecraft. I felt that If I couldn't be in game then there wasn't a need for me to hold a title. I didn't think it was fair to be staff and not be in game to do what a moderator was supposed to do.
  11. i'll take 44 please :)

    What was your very first purchase, here on EMC? and from what shop was it?
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  12. Favorite star wars movie? #16
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  13. I had to look it up because I didn't remember but the first shop I bought from was the Empires shop at 400 r for a saddle. The first Players shop though was PowerLily69 and I purchased 2x Mooshroom eggs for 35 r each.

    I don't have a supreme favorite but I'll share my go to for each trilogy. The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith, and The Last Jedi
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  14. Question) What fruit do you love to eat?

    Answer) Bananas, Apples, Peaches, Oranges
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  15. What do you think of the warden? Also, which is your favorite mob and why.. passive & hostile?
  16. I've only recently tested out the Warden in single player. I haven't yet sought out trying to find an Ancient City on EMC. So I can't really comment on the Warden. Passive Mob has got to be the Horse/Donkey cause of the need to try and breed a fasty. Hostile mob has got to be a NetherHound. How about you ?
  17. Hmmm.. Turned you have the tables on me. I first encountered the warden with XxfailmuchxX. He somehow convinced me to go down with him and like a dummy I went. xD Stayed at the base point for most of the first part on diff 1. I did eventually join him down there but I was terrified. xD

    The horse is my favorite of all don't care about the fast part too much though. =] Hostile (after the dragon) would be the phantom. They are so pretty and I love the little growl as they bite you sometimes. lol
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  18. Last day to enter for tomorrow winners get announced.

    Question) What season is my favorite ?

    Answer) Summer because its warm.
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  19. Congrats to the January Winners WINNERS !!

    42) Fred_TWK

    7) AntiRevix896*

    56) BreezyMan

    44) tamraaa

    A Book and a CallMeTower Alt head have been mailed.

    *AntiRevix896 is disqualified from winning as that account is perm banned in game.
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