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  1. Hello to the Empire! One of the things I noticed recently was new people saying that when they went to the Wasteland or Wilderness they could not find any resources. This is because we have so many people on the server things get picked over. So I was thinking the other night of resetting one of the worlds, and then and idea came to me. What if we had a world that was automatically reset on a schedule. The world would always be different and always have fresh resources!

    Does everyone think this is a good idea? If so we need to figure out the following things:
    • What should this world be called?
    • How often should it be reset (monthly, weekly, every 3 days, etc)
    • What should we do with people that are in the world when it is reset, or that are in the world but logged out?
  2. Ok,Here is my answere:

    Thestar19 Rules!!! :)

    Often Reset:
    Evry thursday...

    People that are in the map?

    Two option:

    1.Well,Sucks To be you :p

    2.Send them back to spawn...
  3. When the 'reset' happens, how long will it take for the new world to be active?
  4. It will require an instant server restart, and will be available immediately.

    The thing about sending them back to the spawn is that this is very hard to do with offline players (and everyone would be offline because the server would restart to switch the worlds). If I just left it alone, you would stay wherever you were in the old world, even in the new world. If you happened to be in a block it would spawn you on top (like if you were suddenly in a mountain). Perhaps this is acceptable being that the world will have a live map. What do you all think?
  5. Regardless of how long it takes, starting the reset at 3AM EST Friday morning should be an ideal time to minimize inconvenience.

    I assume it's possible to change everyone's location to that of the spawn building, even those who are offline at the time so that they are at the spawn when they login. However, does the world changing affect players and their inventories?

    No ideas for names yet.

    Just going over your post Justin, I have no problem with the world changing around the players, as long as you can ensure there will be no issues with where they end up, like over a lava pit.
  6. The world change doesn't effect inventories, it doesn't effect position either because it is stored like WORLD:X:Y:Z so the game could care less if the chunk data changed while you were gone (you would just be in the same XYZ on the new world as you were in the old).
  7. Well, for the server to reset, it seems the ideal time would be the same time we do our daily backup that requires the restart anyways, no?

    The spawning on top of a block idea seems like a good one, however, could we run into things where someone might spawn in lava or deep in a lake and drown?
  8. i got a name i like aus' idea on the other stuff

    Name:bio dome...js
  9. Just take them back to their home
  10. PLz dont reset utopia id hate to see my hey wall be destroyed
  11. This would be an entire new world in itself. It wouldn't affect any current world.
  12. OK jeremy nice
  13. This idea for a resetting world would solve the resource accessability issue that comes with having a centralized spawn area. But, while this issue can be seen as a problem, it can also be seen as a challenge. It enchances the survival aspect of the game. I also see it as an opportunity for community projects like safe roads that lead to less depleted areas.

    Here's another idea: What about a new world with a periodically moving spawn area instead? Perhaps each day at the time of the server restart the spawn area is moved to a random location within a certain range of the previous one (not too far would probably be best, maybe a few hundred blocks, but over days it could wander significantly). With a live map of this world finding the spawn point would never be a problem, and it would allow new players easier access to fresh land, while also allowing them to go back to thier mines the next day or whenever they want to.

    I don't know how hard this would be to accomplish, but it seems it would at least bypass the above mentioned problems with resetting the world while players are in it. The spawn building could be very simple, with only a teleportation arch to town perhaps, or there could be no spawn building at all, just a protected spawn area. Even a teleportation arch to town would be optional as we can teleport using the chat commands while in the spawn area. It all depends on how difficult it would be to program the random relocation of certain blocks (the ones that make up a spawn building)

    Is it even possible to randomly relocate a protected spawn area?

    A name for this world might be: The Lost World; Forgotten Lands; Wandering Wastes; Chaos Lands.
  14. I'll let Justin reply to most of this as he knows more...but I love the idea if it's possible. IF this route would be something possible, "Wandering Wastes" would be perfect.
  15. I also love the idea, but I think the complexity of it would take months, I can take a deeper look and see.
  16. Also, just to be clear, I am not promising this resetting world, just wanted to have a discussion about it. There are still some technical hurdles I have to overcome.
  17. So it would be difficult to move a spawn area then, if not impossible. Yeah, that kind of kills the idea.

    Ok... the mental gears are turning a bit more here... what about just moving the spawn location? No spawn building, no protected area... and perhaps players can teleport back to town from anywhere in the world. Just some brainstorming here. I'm not actually sure that idea would even fit with the survival theme of the server. Being able to teleport from anywhere in the world would seriously diminish the survival challenge, but it would be considerably easier for new players.

    Just for the record, I think resource accessibility is fine the way it is. I found it hard to begin with as well, but in hindsight I'm kind of proud that I was able to survive and prosper anyway.
  18. Another thought...

    If the fundamental issue is resource availability, which it seems to be, why not simply build safe roads from the wasteland spawn building leading in one or more directions and protect those roads like the spawn areas are protected. This seems like the simplest solution.

    The only issue that comes to mind with this solution is that the areas under the roads couldn't be mined as they would be protected, making a weird sort of underground barrier and also possibly messing with existing mines.

    Alternatively, a simple, straight, cobblestone road a few blocks off the ground in any direction would do a great deal to help new people find fresh land more easily, even if that road is unprotected. Heck, I'll build it if the community contributes the required cobblestone.

    The only thing the admin would have to do is make that road go into the protected spawn area.

    Also, the wilderness is brand new. Anyone complaining about being unable to find resources in the wilderness is simply not trying. :p

    There is currently no need for any kind of safe road in the wilderness.
  19. Actually, someone had a good suggestion in the first community survey, I don't know who it was because it was anonymous. The suggestion was making outposts that are really far out in the wasteland, and they are like mini spawns, with just a portal back to the main world spawn. Then you have a room full of the portals to the outposts outside the main Wasteland spawn. We could add more as time goes on, and the only thing that would happen is the world gets bigger.

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  20. That sounds like an excellent solution to the resource availability issue!

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