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  1. Hey guys,

    So as planned, we're still going to be launching a new Wiki. However, we need it to be an improvement from the current one, and take advantage of a more open wordpress format (removed due to moving to public)

    There's not much there, and we need your input on how we can lay it out. Currently, I have this 2 simple, quick mock up that we can use as a foundation for suggestions.

    What do you want to see as far as the content is laid out, WP themes to suggest, plugins, tabs? Suggest anything really please as it can be completely different from the current page above. :)

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  2. As I've made clear, I think the current system works perfectly, but if we need to make a new wiki, I'll make a few suggestions.

    If we can get it to look as similar to the normal site as possible, then there wouldn't be the confusion of a new UI to get used to and it would flow better. If you don't get what I'm saying, I can point you to a servers website which does this. IMO, we should get a new theme made by someone like Audentio for both XF and WP (or get them to replicate a custom WP theme in XF) so that we have a good quality, standard theme that flows between both platforms.

    Personally, I quite like the current organisation of the wiki, with the categories. If we can replicate this functionality, in a cleaner fashion, then there wouldn't be the need for users to get used to a new system of organisation.

    That's all I've got for now, but I'm sure to have more ideas :p
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  3. That is my ideal Wiki, also. We actually did have a XenForo WP theme which Aikar was using, but it broke the URL so he switched it back to this.

    Essentially in my head, the categories would remain, a permanent navigation bar with hierarchy access to ALL pages would be on the left/right, tabs instead of headers on content and whatever anyone would like to add to that idea
  4. Seeing as I've never been a fan of the huge color-coded subject bricks, I'm liking the mockup here a lot more.
    About the only thing I'm not a fan of is how there are four different levels of "navigation titlebar" present, and I'd love to see that slimmed down and simplified.
    1. "Home | Forums | My Empire | ... "
    2. Sub-section bar for above ^
    3. Home > Wiki > ...
    4. "General ) Drops ) Statistics" (in the case of the mockup)
    I don't have any suggestions though, and I suspect the only one that could be safely dispensed with is a forum / xenforo limitation (#3), so I guess it's a design nitpick.

    #4 menu line would probably be better left in plain text, or at least keep the "bubbles" minimized as much as possible.

    As much as I like the left sidebar, flyout menus are probably not the best choice. They can be fussy for some users, awkward or impossible to use on small screens (mobile and netbooks come to mind, in particular), and don't scale all that well. A collapsible/expandable one might be a better option. (example)
  5. That could work too, or another type of menu as long as it has a hierarchy. I'll leave it for Aikar and Krysyy to decide
  6. I very much like the layout of wikipedia pages. If we make them collapsible like on the mobile version, then that could be a way or organising content.

    In your mockup you removed the info box that is usually in the top right. I think this is a crucial element as it supplies quick, basic information, which in some cases may be all someone is looking for. If they just have to load up and glance at the page instead of clicking on another tab, its a better user experience.
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  7. Info box?
  8. This thing:
    Info box is all I could think of to describe it :p
  9. Oh, the enraged zombie bit was just an example
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  10. Thinking some more, why don't we make a public thread where everyone can suggest their ideas on how the new wiki could be set up?
  11. Good idea, moved
  12. I would like the wiki to be more like the ROBLOX wiki. I like how that wiki is "Simple." Also, why can't the wiki be more interactive and longer? I would like pictures and videos in the wiki.
  13. I am for interactivity. I believe that it makes the wiki more fun (or funner if you prefer :p) and it also gets users interested in learning.
  14. The videos are coming soon, but this is more about the new layout of the Wiki :)
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  15. I'd recommend a Two-Column layout with top logo header and left navigation.
    This site also needs to be updated to do responsive web design "change the look on tablets and mobile devices".
    Here is a link to the check off list we used in class.
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  16. The screenshot Alex has there are just basic ideas, and don't, in any way, reflect what the new wiki will look like.

    What we want at the moment are your thoughts on how the wiki should look and feel in the future.
  17. Firstly... the 'Partners and Friends' need to go....

    They've been out dated for so long... you have a link to the blog at the top... and the items/mobs can be found on mojang wiki (updated) or the empire items can be found in the emc wiki


    In place of where the 'partners and friends' sidebar was... elongate the navbar on the right sidebar.... so that way its width is the same as the secondary navigation on the left sidebar (so everything can be centered, and not off-centered)


    Use colours - perhaps alternating colours.... it's one thing to have a single colour... but bland colours make things harder to read or want to read massive amounts of buttons or text....

    Don't make things too vivid as that will make your eyes hurt or stomach churn - There actually is spirits in colours...


    How about themed backgrounds? The background has always been a single colour.... but it won't be hard to include themed backgrounds according to the wiki category... say perhaps anvil and hammer for tools .... forestry for nature.... (Don't have to be full backgrounds - but could perhaps be partial or fading backgrounds)


    Quick Navigation needs to be hidden.... Since it's a wiki - it already should have a hierarchical navigation; seeing two just detours from the looks.

    Titles need to be centered.... if the rest of the page is centered, and a title is not - it gets in the way of the look of buttons....


    Separate the sub-categories in the left sidebar navigation with horizontal rules....
    Having them just float above each other without having a visible differential makes it look ...'amateurish'
    Having solid lines... dotted lines... tildes... or anything between them, make them easier to distinguish.


    Indent paragraphs (5-6 spaces).... In notes and journals it's okay to not indent... but in formal writing such as blogs and wikis - Grammar and punctuation are everything. :)


    Those are the only noticeable changes I believe need changed in the picture... other then that - it looks fine. :3
  18. Shouldn't it be the current page beneath? :)
  19. There was a link above but I removed it. Here it is though
    Thanks for the feedback! I will create another mockup of everything possible to emulate in such a short time.

    Colours are 50/50. Some like them, some don't so I'll keep it at grey for now. White icons are a good idea.
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  20. Reminds me of :D
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