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  1. We have really grown in the past few weeks. We have decided that one of the biggest headaches of the server is people joining who are not willing to read the guide (or even the few spawn signs), and help themselves. These are the players that join and just yell over and over in the chat. And these are usually the same players that end up causing problems.

    So for the last few weeks we have been kicking around many ideas to improve the selection process so we can be sure to add quality players to our community. What a lot of big servers do is an application process. One problem with this is that it takes hours (or days). Then we came up with the idea of making you join the site before the server, and having a "quiz". This sounded really boring and like a crappy experience for gamers.

    I am proud to announce an innovative solution to this problem, the new user tutorial. Every brand new user to the Empire will be placed inside the tutorial. It is a series of questions in a maze format. For each correct response the new user is rewarded with part of the new user rupees as well as some basic starter items. Although the questions are easy they will still require new players to at least visit the guide on the site. The catch is that you do not even get access to the chat until you complete the tutorial.

    Additionally new players will no longer be required to join the site to claim a residence.

    Dark_Liz designed the entire tutorial and built it with AusQB. They spent days working on this and it is absolutely epic. If you want to check it out type /tutorial from anywhere in Town (no you will not earn items like a new user would :p).
  2. Before anyone posts:

    NO this update had nothing to do with the server downtime tonight. It just happens to be that since I am waiting for the restart from the co-location it is a good time to turn this update on (it has been running for supporter testing for a few days).
  3. oh nice! very great idea weed the weak ones out :) only the strong will make it through and prosper in the empire!
  4. Ooooh. Wish I could get the starter items though since I'm still new (technically). LOL :p

    It's a fantastic idea though, and thank you Liz and Aus! :D
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  5. Great idea, though I now wish I had waited a few weeks to join so I could have gotten the starter items :D
  6. Lmao, I just did the tutorial for fun, and i love some of the answers that Liz and Aus give new players the ability to answer with! That was extremely awesome, fantastic job Dark_Liz and AusQB. Major props to both of you!!!!
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  7. Hey what I never got to test it JK I was grounded and, what are the starter items??????????????
  8. Its just a little food and a few iron tools, nothing great I am sure you have much better by now :)
  9. Lol, I do have better tools, and a ton of them, like ten of each tool, but they each only have a few uses left XD
  10. wish i new the most important command :(
  11. 1_mrbrick_1, choose one and it has a good chance of being right if you have common sense.
  12. You mean the most important commandment?
  13. just choose one,

    at the end it says they are all equal
  14. um tshack235, maybe you shouldn't tell the whole world...:rolleyes:
  15. well, they still can choose anyone, i dont want them confused.

    i chose the "Have Fun" commandment :)
  16. This was a great idea and help me a fair amount before I was released into the town. ;)
  17. glad to help :) sorry bout huge text... :)
  18. Sorry for bumping this thread but it would be nice to have a detailed list of what new guys recieve, i can't remember what i recieved and i'm currently working on something that needs those items list.
    If anyone knows please tell me :)
  19. Since its already bumped, I'd like to mention, when I joined I didn't read the rules on the site - I simply made educated assumptions based on the Signs, and on basic knowledge.
  20. Here is the question/rupees/item tutorial gift list you requested:
    q1- 300r - 10 bread
    q2- 300r - 20 torches
    q3- 300r - 5 saplings
    q4- 300r - stone shovel, stone axe
    q5- 300r - stone pickaxe, stone sword

    Hope it helps :)
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