New US Colony?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by samsimx, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. So since the US government has "shut down" I'm going to start my own colony, who's in?
  2. We're taking James with us
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  3. Of course
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  4. we will need to get some "free" labor
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  5. dibs on resident philanderer
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  6. The brits
  7. I'll be the brick. I'm always the brick.
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  8. Can we bring Mark and Tim?

    Sonni isnt welcomed
  9. Me me me! The government stinks as it is! lol! :D
  10. I shall be the colony's only knight. Because I'm Kazuto Kirigaya, what more is needed? :D
  11. Everything and nothing x 2
  12. Can I be the colony drunk?
  13. I was going to ask for that -_-, can I be the chemist?
  14. Actually the government should be back up soon, so you will need to ask obama for a charter before this happens.
  15. ;_;
  16. Can I be the colony's Playstation? :p
  17. Step one: go to Texas
    Step two: Become State governor
    Step three: leave the U.S and become an independent state

  18. -_-
    I wanna be the carpenter.