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  1. so justin i had a question...with the new update coming up that has a new biome ,how will you be able to implement those new biomes in the game so we can get ti them
  2. I'm pretty sure that as the map generates the new areas, they will be able to spawn the new biomes. However, if the map has already been generated (explored) in a certain place, the biomes there will remain the same.
  3. Jungle Biomes cannot exist in a seed that was generated pre-1.2.x

    Which means we cannot get jungles unless we:

    A) Reset the entire wilderness to make it seamless
    B) Reset the entire wilderness then paste the current wilderness over it
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  4. I'll opt for A)
  5. I didn't know the whole thing would have to be reset. That's unfortunate....
  6. I like your signature there.
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  7. Hmmmmm I'm not sure i would love jungle biomes.... But there are many people that built huge towns i can't decide...
  8. And i'de feel sorry if it is reset. :(
  9. Hahah, thanks :D
  10. reset it, And paste!
  11. why not reset it, then have a short period where people can request certain areas of the wilderness be copied?
  12. we don't know this for certain yet, it's not out yet. at present worlds need to be regenerated, in snapshots. between now and 1.2 release it could change, then bukkitdevs tinker with it and it might change, then justin might tinker with it and change it. it's still not time to panic, no matter how fun panicking is :)
  13. The Original Empire, the Wilderness reset I believe it was every week. I believe Justin should just redo the Wilderness in the upcoming update.

    I also believe no Jungles, then no ocelots.
  14. why dont we make the regularly reset area have the 1.2 updates and the other area that isnt reset stays, because many people build way out there
  15. I believe JustinGuy would be able to simply copy a certain part of the wilderness and can paste it on the new wilderness
  16. Because it would bring up a lot of work for senior moderators and admins, since only them can do it :(