New update is going to be awesome!!

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  1. Hello!:)
    As I wrote in the title the new update WILL be awesome!! This is one of the coolest updates yet! Emerald ore, trading, cocoa plants and my favourite... THE PYRAMIDS! And of course the ender chest! What do you think about this update??
    Tell me and everyone in this forum! If you want to read more about the upcoming update go to "" and click on up "upcoming features";)
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  2. I think its good, but it wont allow me to play on EMC. You see, I play on 1.2.4 which is before 1.2.5 the one most of us have. When I say yes, Ill update, it says loading, and then fatal error has occured then it shows a folder adress or something like this.
  3. Unless the Ender Chest gets rewritten server-side here, it's absolutely useless on SMP, due to the fact that its contents are global, and everyone will see the same items in the Ender Chest.
  4. I can't wait for the ability to write in books!
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  5. so no one will use it because everyone can get in =D
  6. It might be changed so that when you open an ender chest you anly see what YOU put in.
  7. But the pyramids will be awesome!!! I love pyramids! Hope I found a pyramid underground like in duck tales xD
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  8. to tell you the truth I HATE THE UPDATE. i dont want the wild reset i live in teh wild in a village with more than 10 ppl we are all dreading teh update PLEASE JEB get rid of emerald !!!!
  9. Huh..
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  10. I think the Ender Chests will be of incredible use. In their current incarnation, they do not have to be fixed objects. You place one on the ground, fill it up, and then break it and place back in your inventory. The items in the Ender chest are not locked to the chest, they are virtual. So imagine 27 items in the Ender Chest now taking up one slot in your normal backpack. It greatly increases your personal transport capacity. Once you get back home, place the Ender chest in your house, empty it out into a normal chest, and you have 27 portable slots available again. You don't have to leave the Ender chest in the wild...
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  11. Exactly;)
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  12. Me too. If we can sell them it would be a cheap way to get money!
  13. And everyone else with an Ender Chest can snipe these items in these 'virtual slots' from you, unless the way the Ender Chest works gets rewritten for SMP so that every single person on the same server does NOT see the same exact contents of it.
  14. Hmm, I see your point now. Not one Ender chest enviroment per person, but for the entire community. That would be inconvenient... Yeah, re-write that!
  15. Not exactly Dylan, as last reset Justin asked people if they wanted there homes in the wild to be mc edited back in
  16. Assuming people actually read books instead of building colossal and complex structures out of dirt.
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  17. i don't like how it becomes a local server because it makes it laggy:confused:
  18. hope they keep villager trading ( block of emerald here i come >:D
  19. In terms of the Ender Chest issue, I believe it has massive potential for businesses perpetrating massive philanthropic PR gigs.

    Picture this: The owner of ashop goes on the forum at around Christmas and announces they will have a massive giveaway of their most Christmassy products, such as Snow and Redwood Saplings. Rather than have everyone have to type to teleport to the shop to receive these items, the giveaway could be done through the enthralling medium of the humble Ender Chest. All the users have to do is access an Ender Chest on that server to redeem the items! This could be extended even further by having giveaways through the Ender Chests on other servers, increasing convenience. And from there on, anyone who takes advantage of this giveaway will know where to get such supplies.

    It could create a whole new type of marketing! Perhaps called....Enderrelations?
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  20. Me and alden4343 have gotten ready for this update! We have make a library in 12846 (my residence)!
    Please donate! We will need:

    (mostly)inc sacs (black dye), feathers, and books!