New "TREND" in EMC?

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Do you like Skin Contests

Yes!!! Its teh best! :D 4 vote(s) 13.3%
It's alright. 14 vote(s) 46.7%
Boring. 11 vote(s) 36.7%
I have hosted one before. 1 vote(s) 3.3%
  1. Lately I have been on EMC seeing this new kind of "tread" going on. Its a skin judging contest.

    Basically, 1 or more people go and have you in a line, look at your skin, give a score, and you get prizes. But lately, I have seen that more and more people are starting to do it. I like the skin judging contest idea, but some people just give some "not worth it" prizes like a stone sword and such.

    Still a great idea. But one time I went to a Judging Contest and some people wore Steve skins ._. That is why they should stick to PMC lol

    I think I may want to have a Skin Judging Contest :D Tell me what you guys think in the comments about this new "trend".
    I think Skin Contests will be like the new drop party, but not replacing it. #NewTrend
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  2. I really don't enjoy it.
    It could make someone feel like their skin is horrible Frown.png
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  3. I wouldn't consider this a 'trend'. When I was new to the forums I used to see a lot more skin contest threads then compared to now.
  4. Wait, did I copy your skin
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  5. I don't like skin contest. Mainly because most skins are premade, so I don't see the point on participating with your selfmade one when there surely are people there who use skins made by pixel artists. Plus, if they earn a prize it won't be beacuse of their own merits.

    Also, those contests are usually held by friends for friends. At least those I've seen. Friends are usually favored.

    I haven't seen yet someone say "that skin is horrible", but it could happen. Very low scores can give that impression.

    Still, if the contest is well done, it can be fun so if people like them, good for them.
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  6. I agree, most of these contest is probably already fixed. They get people to pay to enter and one of whom they are holding the scheme with. Then they split the reward lol. Thats how I see it in my mind.
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  7. The premade part IS true, but people could make skin contests stating you have to make your own. And then a prize could be a beacon or something, lol. I think Skin Contests will be like the new drop party, but not replacing it.
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  8. I've never seen anyone have to 'pay to enter' a skin contest?
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  9. I've had to pay 50r to enter one.
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  10. Rip off. You are not suppose to pay. Thats not even fair XD
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  11. i know, right.
    But at the time, i was a noob....
    so i didn't know
  12. Yeah, I don't get them, I see them spammed on other servers and I've derped a few times on them here. One I won and got 11 sugarcane. The other GKJim won but I'm sure that's only because he has a green name.
  13. I believe that these contests are gonna be like the new drop parties. In drop parties, you dont need to pay anything.

    So we got 3 awesome residences parties in EMC:

    Drop parties, grief parties, and skin contests.
  14. Even if they get a bad rating, they can't keep it to one person to say they have a bad skin, and one opinion can't hurt people that much.
  15. Nah, skin contest are too old to be the new anything, and it's quite hard they beat drop parties, where people get free stuff for jumping. It's actually different things so... yeah, I don't think you can even compare them.
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  16. Well I've never seen a no-pay enter skin contest k?
    Edit: Seriously I never have seen a free one so. If the entry was free I wouldn't bother posting on this thread tho.
  17. That's not strictly true, a contest may require and entry fee from all entrants to allow better prizes.
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  18. I have hosted a couple before, it is a HUGE trend on smp9. I give extra points to skins that are selfmade:D
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  19. It does happen a lot ... I got pork :p