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  1. Hello all! Just wanted to say hi, I am obviously new to this community. So far I reallllly love the server! Its almost everything that I love about minecraft and I feel that this community is what I have been looking for in minecraft for a while. Im currently playing on SMP6, started last night at like 1am and was so addicted I didn't stop til 6am lol 4 hours later I was up and off to work. I really would like to talk to more of you guys in this community. I love minecraft but I feel its more fun when I am playing with people. But anyway happy building! If anymore needs any help im down to help just message me on here!
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  2. Welcome To EMC And The Forums :D Need A Chat Or Help As Us (Me) For Help!!!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! :D which server you play on?
  4. Welcome to EMC! :)
  5. Welcome to the empire! If you are staying on smp6, be sure to check out the pvp arenas at /pvp. :)
  6. I Mostly Am On 2, 4, 6 :D
  7. Welcome to EMC and our wonderful community. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I am primarily on smp1, but I hop around and say hey to people on all servers. :)
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  8. Was the hop part a pun onto your name xD. Welcome to EMC I hope you like it here and stay for a while.
  9. Oh no, the "hop" was intentional :)
  10. So pun intended xD
  11. Welcome to EMC! :) It's always good to see a friendly soul join our ranks. I think that you'll discover that our community is extremely welcoming, helpful, and just a joy to be with as you spend more time with us, and I hope that you do spend more time with us. :) I look forward to meeting you ingame!
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  12. Oh yea help full hint stay clear of smp8 unless you feel like getting married to a cactus or something wierd.
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  13. Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.
    Welcome to EMC, I mean.
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  14. Hi CB. Welcome to the Empire. I'm on smp3. Enjoy your stay. :)
  15. Give me your promo 100k and I'll give you 1000 whole rupees
  16. boo.
  17. Welcome to EMC! I usually play on smp4 6 and 9 ;) Glad you like this server!
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  18. I never would have guessed ;)

    Welcome to Empire Minecraft, I hope you're going to enjoy it here but something in your post tells me that you most likely will :)

    This is way too recognizable :) Yeah, EMC really tries its best to provide a "Vanilla+" gameplay. So it's basically the game we all came to love and enjoy with a few specific added perks, but not too much.

    Maybe a useful tip: /assist. It's a command which gives you access to the most common commands on the server. Better yet: it will also show you which commands you can and cannot use. For example: outside town you cannot teleport home or to other residence, so if you use /assist there (waste or wilderness) it won't show you those teleport commands. One command to rule them all ;)

    Nice to hear! And also welcome to the forums. You'll soon discover that there are two sides to the community. You have the in-game activities (and events) and you also have a lot happening here as well (auctions for example).

    So yeah, hope you're going to have a great time!
  19. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules