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Wool Supporter Good idea?

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Yes 17 vote(s) 56.7%
No 15 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. I really got to thinking about it as I sheared Sonicol1's sheep. Diamond supporter and all that jazz doesn't attract me or make me happy, but wool does. Why don't we have a "Wool Supporter" for all my wool artist out there. Perks could be you get 16 pieces a wool a day one of each color and you get your name in Rainbow letters :3 and sheep are automatically attracted to you and just want a hug.

    Any thoughts? :p
  2. Best. idea. ever.
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  3. omg that would be awesome :3
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  4. Sounds like a nice idea.
  5. This doesn't surprise me. lol
  6. So, I adjusted your completely unbiased poll, to make it a little more unbiased, because I am sure the tiny bias it did have, was slightly unintentional. smh....
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  7. this is a great idea for the artists, but not so much for the non-artists. (the only reason i would buy this is for the name color :p)
  8. And to raise the animal limit on your res to make room for more sheep
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  9. OK, THAT part i like!!!
  10. Well I think this could use some tweaking and
    What did it say before?
  11. "Wool Supporter Good Idea?




    Just a tiny bias, no big deal.
  12. Yes Yes Yes instead of Yes or No

    Edit: I got SMOOCH'D.
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  13. Its a nice idea, but if I remember, ICC said there will be no more supporter upgrades.
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  14. LOL, if I remember, mrlegit had a couple threads suggesting some creative ideas for supporter upgrades awhile back, but unfortunately they never came to pass.
  15. If I remember correctly, this was before ICC had said anything.
  16. If I remember correctly, I STILL can't believe it's not butter!
  17. Please stay on topic.
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  18. I think you misunderstood me, I was simply stating that you had made a few threads in the past with some good ideas for more perks, not saying that you were pushing for things that ICC already said no to...
  19. I LOVE this idea! Have you worked out a price to donate to get the supportership yet? I mean SERIOUSLY? Why would make this without implementing ALL the details about it?
  20. I was thinking it would nice if members got some sort of perk for being a member/supporter for over a year with no kicks/bans... that seems kinda reasonable to me. A year of good conduct or site support should amount to something, right?
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