new suporter levels??

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by newo, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Sooo, you don't think Justin will be giving us Iron supporters full access to Utopia and the ability to build 3 residences anytime soon? Even if I ask politely every single day in a new thread? What if I title the thread something like; "WHY NO UTOPIA FOR IRON?!?!"

  2. lol it should be "WHY YOU NO GIVE IRONS THE UTOPIA?!"
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  3. Yeah ok twitch I understand, as an co admin of a different server I know how it is anoying to have to repeat yourself ALL the time
  4. No worries. I wasn't attacking you in the least bit. Sorry if I seemed hostile towards you in some way.. I was only trying to clarify my message. Peace? :cool:
  5. No worrys then! :) I properly was being a bit to defensive anyway. Like you said, peace
  6. Twitch you should get you own forum section called "Twitch Talk" where you could rant all you want! I find your rants very interesting so I think it would be be plus :p
  7. No it should be "What's the snitch, with Twitch?"
  8. Ah nice Thunder I didnt give the title much thought but that sounds good
  9. thanks