new suporter levels??

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  1. i was wondering if we could create a new suporter level, purhaps coal or somting, as i would love to become a suporter but i dont have enouth money to keep it up every month allso i am an admin on a diffrent server ( kingdomcraft). i dont have enouth dedication to minecraft and empire for that price i could settle for somting like $2 , $3 somthing like that, you would get a lot more suporters if you added this alot of my friends and including stronly ( gaddis ) agree that they would become a suporter if you added this it would be a great addition to empire and i clearly cant see any probolems adding this. Anybody agree with me?
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  2. i agree
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  3. You really can't afford $5 a month? Maybe I'm being a little short sighted on this one. It works out at about £3.20 for me, which is less than what something like a Big Mac meal costs, or a pint of beer (Just examples that people can relate to).
    $5, imo, is a great price to pay for the features you get. The guaranteed slot is worth that on it's own.
    I understand not everyone is old enough to work or some just don't have a lot of disposable income but to suggest something lower than $5 a month seems a little silly to me.
  4. im still at school and all off my income is a paper round that i owe half to my parents, i cant afford iron with over esentials i need but i would be abble to afford a cheaper on, allot of people will relate to that
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  5. i like newo88 post hes awesome
  6. I'm not at school but have a mortgage and family to feed plus all the other bills. Two thirds of my wage is gone the day I get paid so that I can live. It's all relative. I'm afraid that's life, if you can't afford it you gotta live with it.
  7. We are working on adding a few more slots to each server, so that might help you out. Originally, we were shooting for $10 as the minimum base and ended up dropping to $5 for those on a budget for the reserved slot level as we saw that all other servers started higher than that. (Well, any servers that are nearly half advanced as ours is anyhow). :p
  8. I still think it's a good idea even if you don't get a reserved slot, also it would be good if you could donate as a one off and perhaps get a thank you letter from Justin or a banner in the forums or mabey a different couler name online that doesn't really matter but if I could easily donate to empire as a one of I would
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  9. Even if they don't implement this option in the future, you can still just pay for one month and then cancel your subscription. Then you get a color for a month as well as the extra rupees!
  10. why dont we add a coal supporter? 2$ a month and all they get is 200r a day and a reserved slot, then we could raise iron's perks to an extra 100r a day or something like that?
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  11. The main perk of Iron Supporter is the Reserved Slot.
    Really, the only perk I can see Coal Supporters having is access to the Supporter Forum.

    I don't think a lot of people are looking for that when they are supporting.
  12. This answers it plainly for you. $5/month is the 'budget friendly' version. If you can't afford it, then supporting isn't for you.

    Exactly. That is how you do a 1 time donation, you get your 30 days from the date you pay.

    Please understand that supporting is an option, not a right.

    Learn to be happy with what you can attain in your life... Don't feel you have to "keep up with the Jones'...."

    You should be ecstatic that you can afford the computer, internet and schooling required for you to complain about not being able to afford $5/month... My wife and kids live in Honduras, they know the value of a dollar in terms of clothing, food, education and a home. Computers and video games are not even on their list of complaints about life... They live a better life because I fell in love with them and provide for them but before I came into their lives, they had to wonder when and where there next meal would come from...

    Just put it into perspective, you live a privileged life... You could have been born into poverty. You could have been born and raised in North Korea, or as a woman in an Islamic community with no rights, or even as a baby girl in China.... The list goes on forever.

    I have witnessed, lived and overcome a life of poverty. I have struggled and because of it I value things in life a lot more than the spoiled generation of children in this new age who cry about their iPods and their 360s and all the frivolous crap that the 1st world countries populace take for granted. (U.K., Europe, America, Japan... Open your eyes.)
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  13. Your right I suppose twitch I do have it easier than most even though I'm not as low as you said some people are, I'll just keep feeding my dregs to charity, it properly is the best thing to do ( I always liked sharing more than hogging ) I have plenty off power as a co admin on kingdomcraft. I'm not a total monster I do conservation work with the fishermen out in the philipeans with my aunt I am not like a lot off people my age the only people simlar to me I found is at my local railway preservation club ( if you don't mind me using your saying ) /rant ;)
  14. Before I came upon this server, I noticed that many other server's "supporter" levels were as high as 500 dollars, this server is only 20 dollars, notice the difference? My point is that this server has the cheapest supporter cost out of any server I know yet still with the perks many other servers add to but for more cost. If you cannot pay for the 5 dollar minimal supporter charge then as twitch said, it is not for you.

    Happy New Year! :)
  15. $500!!!!? Why would someone pay that? I will never understand those kinds of people.

    PS - if you happen to be one of those kinds of people... maybe you would consider throwing a monthly fee worth of you minecraft money towards my youth center here in Peru! It would buy us two computers and a few more books for our library!
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  16. :) Check out Legendary Craft... They have outrageous Donator Perks... I have heard of some that require you to DONATE TO CHAT AND BUILD.... WTF?!.... I need to open a server haha
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  17. why would anybody ever play that server? Besides if it cost money to chat, wouldn't it be awkward thinking that people know that you are chating, but they cant reply back?
  18. Wow, just like you said... some of us just don't know how good we have it to belong to the Empire :D
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  19. Well thank you for being humble about it. I am glad there are others out there who see the value in helping rather than hogging things. :)

    My rant was not solely directed at you, I just have seen a varied version of this thread almost every single day and this one came up on a day when I was feeling all preachy... :) So, this will go out to everyone now but of course it wont stop the inevitable follow up threads in the coming days/weeks.... :)
  20. just feeling preachy? lol