New Sub-Flag suggestion.

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Is this new sub-flag something we'd like to see?

Yes 9 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Recently the public stone generator farm on smp6 in town was griefed. This is sad when even in town public utilities get taken advantaged of.

    Currently there is a flag called build, more specifically it has a sub-flag called destroy.

    Could the sub-flag "destroy" get broken down with it's own sub-flags. Stating something like this,

    /res set destroy stone true...................Which would only allow you to destroy stone and no other type of block.

    This is perhaps needed now, more than ever. If we are to allow for in town public stone generating farms to exist. Then we should be able to protect them from users who would take advantage of such trust.
  2. +1

    I love the idea, people trying to help the community with this kind of builds. Stone farms , sugarcane/wheat farms etc etc. Its pretty annoying if its getting destroyed by 1 or 2 persons and ruin it for the community.
  3. +1
    This would be great if we could have something like this when land claims come for public wild utilities.
  4. This is a desired subflag addition. (Been suggested before). There needs to be a system in place first to guarantee long term stability of these subflag names (ensure they match up with the actual blocks). The minecraft server currently does not have this packaged in, so we need to develop such a system. Unfortunately this takes time.
    So answer, yes but not right now.
  5. I'm glad to hear that this is a viable possibility.
  6. Okay, this was what i was kind of expecting. Would we be looking at this type of system as on the priority list of things to happen in before July 2017 or on the back burner as we'll get to maybe?

    Just want to know so things can be adjusted accordingly on our side as players.
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  7. :eek: I would sure hope it is accomplished before July 2017 (stranger things have happened though). This is currently not in development, so I would discourage creating any plans designed around this coming out soon though. Has to be after 1.9, and otherwise I realistically will not have any significant time to work on EMC till May due to finishing my college degree during this time.
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  8. On the other hand, subzones will hopefully be made available soonish. I think I have got it ready to go. But need Aikar to review the code I wrote for it, choose a balanced availability for them, etc. That could help with your particular issue.
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  9. A+, totally in.Ive just made a stone farm(that is very efficient, no problems(only after utopia restart the red stone system has to be turned off and on)). So I wanted to make it public, but then I remembered a situation when griefers destroyed my Chicken Farm in the frontier :(. so im like NO WAY. This will let me think about opening my stone farm to public. so yeah, Great idea :)