New stone gen

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by MrCDub, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. 1.9 broke my 17.3 block a second stone gen.
    So i made a new one...only half the speed right now tho.
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  2. If you have the resources, you could build this or something similar: It yields 20 stone/second, assuming you can mine that fast with no lag.
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  3. Since my last thread I have achieved a 17.8 block a second gen, but this video defiantly gives me something to consider. I thought 20 blocks a second was just a theoretical top speed. I am hoping that the cmd blocks used are not adjusting the pulse length and can be removed.
  4. Try this one - have it at my outpost. 1.9.4 slowed it up a tidge with the cooldown - but it still places a smack of rocks in the chests.

    When it is running full tilt - it is 360 stone ((45 x 4) x 2) every down and back, and you are only slowed by your pickaxe.
  5. that is very similar to my own design
  6. It is a theoretical top speed, it assumes you can mine fast enough. However, it is suvival-friendly, as the command blocks aren't need for the generator's operation.