New Smp6 Mall at /v 13131

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  1. So I have been busy the past few weeks building a new mall on smp6. Think this is my 3rd Mall on this res and my 700th shop lol

    Its a buy sell mall so check it out lots in stock and lots of stock needed.

    The Mall is a huge Rose Rose.jpg
  2. Glad to see something other then +MM and anons shop open everything leis I go to is empty or too dang expensive.

    Looking forward to doing lots of business with you
  3. Nice job! One of my favorite places to shop! :cool:
  4. Lots in stock buy and sell at /v 13131 smp6
  5. I love the design :) great job on it :)
  6. Bump-di-bump
  7. I applaud your use of some kind of architectural design. Too many malls are just giant skyscrapers.
  8. This is an absolutely beautiful design. I love seeing people getting more and more creative (unlike my dirt shacks). :p

    I'll be sure to check your mall out!

    ....But tomorrow, it's 2:00am :D
  9. I really wish more Mega-Mall owners would consider the aesthetic appeal of their structure. Obviously the pics in your link are beautiful, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right!? And this is a great start!

    Explore with your future designs in Single Player Creative and I'm sure you can come closer to what you've envisioned.
  10. amazing design you have there. like it :)
  11. Tnx hoping to do a bit more work on it soon
  12. So I thought I would give this a bump and introduce the new mall in progress on smp7 /v 15151 and also a small shop on smp3 /v 6969

    Smp3 will take a while as I am not sure I will stay at this res but its ok for now. Smp7 Mall is in progress but will take some time to complete as time allows.

    All shops / malls are buy sell smp7 and smp3 have some items for sale at the mo.