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  1. Hey guys, ive been thinking of making a proper mall for a while now.
    I decided smp1 would be the best place to have it.
    The reason i am making this thread is to ask for peoples opinions and ideas that i could add whilst im making the mall in the early stages.
    Im going to upload pictures daily and i lpan to work on it everyday as much as possible.

    Day 1

  2. I would personally wait untll the shop update, unless you're taking into account the new features that will be enabled and the new "looks" you can add to the shop in 1.4.
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  3. hmm i haven't thought much about the update i just wanted to start working (im a bit of a workaholic :/)
    i will watch some videos on youtube and see what i can add when 1.4 comes out,
    thanks for reminding me PThagaard :)
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  4. Basicly remember the new "pictures" and the "pottery" to display items, also make sure that all the "high sale items" are displayed with advertising for other items too. (The new shop system will have a direct teleport command to the item, so you need to put the "best sellers" close together, and advertise for different items at each "best seller".
  5. off topic but PT when did you hit 7 million lol. Aldo are you restocking your store? SMP 1 has little to none places to shop
  6. Most items are daily in stock at 1783, the casino has however taken alot of time setting up.

    I have 89 pages of transactions from today, so i gotta have SOME stuff in stock :D

    Wood/Stone etc. is always full at some point during the day, but a few hours after it will all be gone.
  7. The Casino took all our attention, so now we have finished it im sure we will start restocking, it.
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  8. Im very grateful for the help i will think of how i can implicate this into my mall.
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  9. i will be adding a tp section in, i would be happy to link the casino and your mall if you want :)
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  10. Rule #1 of larger malls (in my book): Dont advertise other malls.

    And make sure you have ENOUGH room to add different amounts of chests for different/high sale items.
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  11. kk fair enough,
    as for this new tp system, will it teleport you when you click the picture?
    or do you just put the picture there and the tp pressure plate underneath it?
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  12. oh and that doesn't mean i cant link the casino right, happy shoppers always advertising and if my malls a success i don't see why i cant put a link somewhere :)
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  13. the pictures are a MC update (New item)
    the new teleport i the shop update is an EMC update (You can search for cheapest items, and teleport to the chest where they are being sold with a /XXX command)
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  14. thats cool, kk well im going to rethink my design to suit this then lol
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  15. To be honest, I recommend just becoming a supplier unless you have tons of money backing yourself.

    I am saying that through being a new player on the server with a good economic background.
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  16. I agree.

    My first post would normally have been "dont even try."
    To many people on SMP1 has tried and failed, and im sure its not just on SMP1.

    Supplying other shops gives you a larger clientele and you have a chance to make alot more money than you would ever expect.
  17. i own a shop on smp7, one of the cheapest shops on that server, i go mining for a day and take 3 days to restock and sell out in 2 days. this would annoy most people but it doesnt annoy me, tbh i love running shops, and i love building things. i am a workaholic it what i like to do, just because i only have 80k dosnt mean i cant run as well as PTHagaard, witch i probably wont him and happyshopper are probably the greatest shop and casino owners on this entire server but i can at-least try and be as good as them, as long as i enjoy it :) (and im not that new ive been here for around 140 days)
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  18. and i dont run shops to make money if you have ever seen my shop on smp7, i buy stuff for the same price i sell
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  19. Fyi, if you plan to potentially use the item frames. The Crafting recipe is 8 Wooden Planks and 1 Leather - for each. (Similar to Paintings)

    Best of luck :) I have a mall I put together on smp4, but I keep getting distracted with other projects - I may just wait for 1.4 to re-open...
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  20. i have a cow farm for that so im sorted :)
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