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  1. new small shop opening on smp 4
    I have just join the emc and I love it hear so I decide to set up a shop
    it is 9220 selling wood and other items
    check us out I
  2. pless come check us out and msg me on forms if you want to sell me ethnic for stock
  3. we are closing down
  4. Uhm, now don't take this the wrong way but are you giving up already? Why?

    Really; don't give up yet. Patience... I've been here myself (although I have a shop its not officially open yet) and trust me when I say that you shouldn't expect your shop to be already used in 2 - 3 days or so. Sometimes it can even take a whole week!

    So yeah, I really hope you'll reconsider...

    Here are some general tips and tricks which really worked well for me:
    • Keep an eye open for town & economy chat and pay special attention to people asking to buy stuff. People willing to buy = possible shop opportunity.
    • Never spam your shop! It's perfectly ok to tell people in town or economy chat that you opened your shop, but the moment you overdo it (repeating that message very often) then people may get upset with you and are likely to put you on ignore (or worse)....
      • Once this happens you got a problem; how are you going to inform the crowd about $new_stuff you have? So yeah: be very careful here.
    • Residence tag! Make absolutely sure to tag your residence shop and double check. It's the common way to "lure" random players into your shop.
      • /res tag add shop - this will add the tag "shop" to your residence.
      • /res tag list - this will list all your set tags, it should list "shop".
      • The reason this is so important is because a lot of players use: /v +shop to try and find new shops. If your res. is listed as one you're bound to get visitors someday.
    • Make sure people can find your shop. Set the default entry point ("tp access point") if you have to. Or set up some kind of teleport section. Just make sure people can find your shop easily.
      • /res tpset - this will set the tp point, or 'default access point' of your residence. So; if you use this command on a specific location (while looking in a specific direction) then everyone who enters your residence will end up there (also looking in the same direction).
      • Why? When I'm looking for, say, clay or bricks to finish my building then I want to know ASAP if your shop sells them or not. The last thing I'm looking for is having to find the shop. The moment I cannot easily find a shop then it's cursor up + enter for me (re-issue /v +shop).
    • Are you paying attention to town chat yet? Good, because then its time to test your shop. You are bound to get questions as "Does anyone sell xxxx?". Now its time to answer yourself: "Yes, my shop sells them. Do /v tecknet1" (provided of course that you actually do sell the requested items, as said; its a perfect test).
      • If this doesn't happen at least once within a week then you may want to look into changing your stock a little.
    • Your shop can also be used while you're offline. Always check your rupee history for that!
      • Some players get a little disappointed because no one visits their shop while they're online. But as you know: the Empire is the server that never sleeps. So while you might actually be asleep in real life other people may actually be checking our your shop!
    • Look around other shops!
      • Its easier to steal (oops, I meant to borrow of course! :D ) an idea than having to come up with something yourself. Look around your server (/v +shop) and see how others have done it. Maybe you could even ask them for some help... Not to build your whole shop of course but maybe they have tips & tricks for you which you could use..
    So yah, there you got it. A few ideas which popped into mind and which I hope might be of some use for you. And the reason for all this? Simple... Although I really think you shouldn't give up so soon you did seemed to show the courtesy to warn us about your plans to stop with your shop instead of having us finding out when visiting. That shows some courtesy in my opinion so it's only fair I return the favor a little.

    As said; hope this helps. And if you want to look at an example of a shop which more or less works a little bit feel free to check out my residence on smp2 (see what I did there? ;) ).
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  5. thank you
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  6. I am making NEW SHOP called tecknet but I am closing this thred
    msg me if you what dretales
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