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  1. Hey guys, Im offering 10k to whoever can make my skin look how I want it.
    When I first got my skin, the hair and face was just like how I look.
    So what I want is my face and hair but my skin in a bathing suit, w/ a 6 pack on chest.
    Whoever makes the best skin will win the 10k rupees.
    Skin makers...BEGIN
    EDIT: Must be in 1.8 version, skin of my avatar
  2. Senior Bumbington the I
  3. Senior Bumbington II
  4. So same face and hair as the current skin you have right now but with swim trunks, etc?
  5. Correct, PM me and Ill show you hair
  6. Just a suggestion: BabyCreepersRule. If you want an awesome skin try to get her involved.. Here is major bias speaking but honestly: she knows what she's doing, and if you let her work on your skin then I'd be surprised if it doesn't turn up what you want.

    I'd raise the ante though. 20k :p

    You know what? maybe we should turn this into a small competition :p

    I'm willing to bet the extra 10k. IF creepers agrees to this (that is the main important thing) then I am willing to bet 10k rupees added to yours (and paid to Creepers if the whole thing succeeds) that she can get you a skin which blows your mind away.

    In fact.. I'm ante'ing up 2k right now. 12k bet. Lemme PM her ;)
  7. I'll have a go at it soon, once I get some irl things sorted :)
    Is there a deadline?
    And no need for any extra payment shel, and there's no guarantee I'd win anyways :p
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  8. It is a competition... and you can do that xD Im getting new auction set up, new pool at /v 211 only reason why and Im to rich xD
  9. No deadline, just till I think I get best skin
  10. Please try and make a skin! 10k bruh!
  11. I'll start making in about 7 hours (when I'm home from school), and I can try to have it finished by around Monday (depending on how much time irl things allow me to work on it) :)
  12. Due to some irl problems escalating in the past few days, I don't think I'll be able to do the skin sorry :(
    I'll be taking a few weeks break from EMC until I sort out some things, but in the meantime I hope you find a good skin! :)
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  13. I'm sorry to hear that, I hope all will be going well for you. However, you can't get away that easily ;) I'm still adding a small donation for giving it a try :cool:

    Really hope to see you back soonish!
  14. thx
  15. We have a winner!
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