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Favorite Show?

Breaking Bad 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Game of Thrones 5 vote(s) 18.5%
Walking Dead 9 vote(s) 33.3%
Suits 3 vote(s) 11.1%
Orange is the New Black 2 vote(s) 7.4%
Other 15 vote(s) 55.6%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So I need a new show to watch on Netflix, I just can't decide on one right now! I am turning to you guys for suggestions. Here is a list of shows I have already seen:

    House of Cards*
    House of Lies
    Breaking Bad*
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine*
    Prison Break
    Family Guy*
    American Dad

    Shows with an asterisks beside are shows I liked. Based off these, what shows do you guys recommend I watch? I am also stuck with Canadian Netflix, so if you could suggest shows from that selection, I would appreciate it!
    • Psych - A person who is gifted plays as a fake psychic tries to not get arrested by continuing to work with the police.
    • Doctor Who - A time traveler who travels throughout time and space in his blue police box (TARDIS) and defeats villains. Comedy
    • Dexter - A Serial Killer/Blood Analyst that tries to live through is emotionless life. Some blood. Drama
    • Raising Hope - A young high-school dropout must raise a child he had after mating with a Serial Killer who has been killed after giving birth. Comedy
    • Parks and Recreation - Basically a comedy centered around a person who wants to succeed but always hits walls. (Figuratively). Comedy
    • The Office - Documentary (Fake one) which centers around a Paper Company and people in it. Comedy.
  2. this is anime but it reminds me alot of house of cards: code geass
  3. not sure if it's on Netflix or not but I'd recommend "Rescue Me" or "Six Feet Under" as the only two drama shows I've liked more than Breaking Bad
  4. If you've seen Broadchurch, you're fine :p

    However, the BBC recently aired a new show called The Missing, which has similar aspects to Broadchurch. I haven't seen it, but it's got good reviews, so if you can find it, I'd give that a go.
  5. Idk which are on Netflix but:

    American Horror Story (don't bother with season 3)
    Arrested Development
    Modern Family
    Madam Secretary
    Silicon Valley
    Ray Donovan
    Orphan Black
    Nathan for You (Similar humour to The Office)
  6. The Thick of It. Main character is the guy who plays Doctor Who, but he's a bit more... sweary here.

    Definitely on UK Netflix, and I presume it's on the Canadian one. You can use something like Zenmate to get around country restrictions too. :)
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  7. Hmm, I have 2 suggestions:
    Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is great!
    The Office (U.S) is also very good, it is one of my favourite comedy shows :)

    I would also suggest True Detective but I do not think that is on netflix as of yet.
  8. -Son's of Anarchy
    -American Horror Story (Dont bother with season 2)
  9. These are all great IMO. I've watched every episode:
    House of Lies
    Breaking Bad
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Prison Break I don't recommend personally. The first season was really great! Then it just got stupid and repetitive and ended, IMO, very poorly.

    I also suggest Sons of Anarchy and Homeland. Both I love.
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  10. I like
    Under the dome
    I can't wait till the next season starts
    That is why I look forward to mondays
    You can't watch on Netflix but u can on
    Amazon Prime
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions!
    I think I'm gonna try Arrested Development, I need something kinda funny right now.
    More suggestions appreciated
  12. So watch season 1 then skip to season 4?
    I have to get back into this but season 1 so far did not appeal to me. I now want to watch the Circus parts since I saw that one of my favorite people is going to be on the next episode. :/ Maybe I should skip it all to season 4?

    Supernatural is good

    Google'd a list for Netflix Canada, there seems to be lots of Anime, you could give some of those a whirl :p

    Attack on Titan
    Samurai Champloo

  13. Rick and Morty. I don't know if it's on netflix, but I know adultswim has it on their site.
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  14. just sayin, you'll probs need to watch all of the seasons, since ryan murphy himself said all the seasons are connected somehow, as you can see in season four episode something called 'orphan'; season 2 and 4 connects. not trying to be rude but jus sayin cos you could probs get confused in the future seasons
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  15. Nuff said
  16. YES! Under the dome ftw! :p

    Netflix are blocking that
  17. Really? :confused: I stopped watching because it was so bad
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  18. I found it awesome... xD We must have different tastes in TV ;)
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  19. They're blocking it badly then, it's working fine for me on US Netflix =P