New Shop /v 2626 on SMP1

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  1. Hey everyone

    Some of you may remember my previous threads:

    Nobody actually donated...but I assure you all that I did not give up! I have spent about 5million rupees so far and I think I'm going to need another 2 million to totally finish my project. The mall is almost done.

    However, I have also acquired a new res and set up a small shop to try and make some rupees in the meantime. This shop is aimed towards those who go out into the waste or frontier a lot. I sell the basics: Wood, Seeds, Building Blocks, Food, and Tools. Every chest has a buy sign and you can see each one using /togglepreview, which is exactly what brings me here today.

    While it is not officially open yet, I do need some help with 2 things; Pricing and Stocking.

    I used Azoundrias site to see what most prices are. Some weren't listed or out of date so I checked around at a few other places. I think they are pretty reasonable. Please either go to 2626 yourself or view this imgur album to see my prices.

    Some chests have a good amount of items, like the chest with cobble for example. I would like to have it fully stocked for the end of the month. I have a few thousand rupees right now... So sell away!

    If anyone would like to donate, in the form of items or rupees, I would greatly appreciate it. Any and all donations will get their names on a wall in the front of the res.

    Thank you for your time,


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