[Donations] New mall on SMP9 now accepting donations

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  1. My mall (currently under construction) is now accepting donations at my res. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Hopefully construction is done by September. A grand opening drop party will be held at my res with an auction or two.

    Where can I donate?
    Donate items to my res on SMP9. Simply select the "House" teleporter at spawn and you will notice a donation chest on the left of the archway. If this is full there are a few more hoppers around the property. One is located in the kitchen (In the house behind the counter on the left) and one is in the attic. (Go upstairs to my attic, and its on the right by the fences.) There is a drop party chest on the roof, when it's full I'll host a drop party.

    Do you accept rupees?
    Yes, I do. These are greatly appreciated and you can donate by buying dirt at my house, or doing
    /r pay abstracttoast9 [amount]

    Thank you guys in advance and feel free to message me on here with any questions.